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Saturday, February 3, 2007
Hillary is an idiot
Hillary is an idiot

What you hear is the screams that are echoing through my bedroom as I type this.

Not because it is a horrible blog - we'll actually get to some good stuff later - but because I'm not a Republican. Hell, I'm not particularly political at all so after I was "assigned" to review this blog I don't have an actual idea of what it is about. So, I ponder the name, wondering what stupid 20 something girl I would be reviewing today when I happen across a blog about Hillary Clinton. DOH!

*Screams were amplified*

I love Hillary Clinton.

I know, I know, I'm not supposed to yell out my political agenda but I'm a Democrat, and a vocal liberal, and I like her. I like what she stands for, I like her beliefs, and I want a woman President, and so far, she is our best hope.

Okay, enough of my political tirades.

I really thought that this would be a hard blog to review, quite simply because of my bias, but what I found was utterly shocking! I LIKED IT! Yes folks, you heard right, I liked it. Lets start with the template shall we? It was a boring white background - I hate white - but for some reason it fit. The header is a great picture of the White House with lightening bolts that just sort of went with the title of their particular muse. The sidebar was was short and sweet - although lacking any "personality" so to speak. But it was all there, right in front of you, and easy to navigate.

The posts were, dare I say it, humorous. Yes, you heard me right, they made me laugh. They were of course pictures and posts that were against Hillary Clinton, but yet at the same time, they had a political sarcasm and humor that can crack up even the most liberal Democrat.

The only downfall is that there simply isn't enough of them. The person that does this blog went a full month and a half without posting. Now, now, that isn't a way to uphold a blog is it??

So, in my sleepy state, I'm going to say this blog was... well... good. OMG - don't let my mother (the REAL Democrat) hear me say this!

RATING - 6 out of 10


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Blogger Hillary's Thong says...

Hey! Thanks for the review!

When I first started reading it, I figgered that since you were of the pro-Hillary sort, we would be doomed. No chance of a fair or unbiased review.
But I think you were quite honest and fair. Quite less harsh than I expected. And I totally agree, we don't post enough.

Since Hillary has thrown her hat into the ring though, I'm sure there will be plenty of blog fodder for us to post in the future.

Thanx again!

2/03/2007 9:04 AM  
Blogger Bluepaintred says...

(I just submitted my site URL )

uhm since you are all about reveiwing need to learn how to make your links open in a new window. Its pretty easy.

[a href="http://hillaryisanidiot."Hillary is
an idiot" target="_blank">Hillary
Is An Idiot[/a]

without the spaces and with proper tags of course.

2/03/2007 9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...


Have ya seen what it2m has been sayin' bout ya?

2/04/2007 1:03 AM  
Blogger Sexy Simone says...

You are quite welcome - I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised!

2/04/2007 1:31 AM  

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