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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Dixie's Diner

Blog Being Reviewed: Dixie's Diner
Reviewed By: Diva Dee

At First Glance: I pink puffy heart Dixie. I'll take some scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes, please.

Template/Design: Perfect! I love the sidebar titles that match the "Diner" theme... 'Your Waitress', 'the Cook Recommends'... great job!

Content: Crocs ARE the ugliest shoes on earth, and people with stuffed animals in the back window of their cars are morons. Right on, sista. We are already thinking alike, and therefore, your review score has increased exponentially.

And, sweet Miss Dixie...Forgetting your underwear? Shame, shame. Although anyone that can combine shower spiders and going commando into one post deserves a standing ovation. And I loves me some Kohls, too. We need to get together to shop sometime.

On a more serious note-- I love her openness about certain topics. She's a normal woman, a mom, and she's had some weight issues. Haven't we all? I won't link to all of those posts, but she's decided that talking about her struggles will help her hold herself more accountable to her plan. She knows like all of us, we used to be hot skinny young girls, and now damn marriage and motherhood has taken its toll. I applaud her efforts, and her honesty.

I love this blog. I feel like a broken record for saying it again about yet another blog, but I've been darn-tootin' lucky to get some great ones to review lately. I don't know if she is really writing the way she speaks, or if its an act, but I love it. I feel like I'm having a conversation with Ricky Bobby's second cousin with all the "Baby Jesus" talk and all. The southern slang alone makes me smile, because I can totally get what she's talking about when she's telling a story.

What is the one thing I would change about this blog? I don't think I would change a thing. I love it, and plan on spending some more time reading it today.

What is the best feature of this blog? Um, the whole thing?

Rating: 10


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Blogger Dixie says...

Well butter my butt and call me biscuit! A 10? I don't believe it!! Lord, now I'm going to be struting around like a rooster all day!

Thank you Diva Dee! And you are welcome at the diner any time!

6/19/2007 12:23 PM  
Blogger EC says...

I myself "Heart" Dixie's blog as well! I don't comment nearly as much as I should, but she is fabulous! And funny as you can obviously tell ;) I love that - butter my butt and call me a biscuit - LMAO!!

6/20/2007 12:37 AM  

Oh yes indeed, Dixie kicks ass and takes names...:)

6/20/2007 6:28 AM  
Blogger Nancy says...

Dixie has been on my "must read daily" since the first time I read a post of hers. ^5 Chickie ... you deserve pink puffy hearts.

6/20/2007 7:08 AM  
Blogger Mighty Dyckerson says...

I've been to the Diner many times. Someday I hope to drink out of Dixie's cups, if you know what I'm sayin'...

6/20/2007 6:10 PM  

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