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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Jester Tunes
Many things came to mind when I saw this next blog on my list... Jestertunes. Comedic blog full of random thoughts and jokes, poking fun at everyday life.

Was I right? Pretty much.

Do I like it? Let's see, shall we?

Template/Clutter: Purple, purple, purple. That alone makes this blog have a certain endearing quality to me. Most of you will remember the funky purple site us ladies had when we first started reviewing. I know, it was an obnoxious purple, and thankfully we got rid of it. But I did kinda like it. So Jestertunes isn't too bad, because he adds some other color to it. Excellent!

I like the layout of this site, but it's a little busy. There's a lot of info stuck in the sidebar and after a while, my head stated spinning from all the words and color.

Content: Again, another winner because of the "About Me" page. He lives in California with his boyfriend of four years. He loves a good grey goose martini and a Manhattan. Pretty swanky drinks for a guy, but this is coming from a beer-drinking mom NOT living in California. Couple his choice of drinks with the fact that he claims to be a "bit dramatic" and I think we're in for quite the ride.

So here goes... Jestertunes, you're toying with me baby. I started reading the Records Contract Saga from start to finish, got to the end of the posts, and realized its not even the end? Shame on you! Now I have one more blog to add to my bloglines so I can keep up the rest of the story! If you're not feeling the love for this blog like I currently am (even though some of the posts are a bit lengthy), go read my favorite post of his and you'll want to liquor him up with a grey goose martini and have a night out on the town with him just like I do. Seriously, I want to be the Grace to his Will... I'm lovin' his personality that much. Or maybe he's more like Jack? I'm still reading more to find out.

On to less mushy blog love, I'm cruising through his sidebar. I notice all the usual things people shove in there. Popular Posts. Recent Comments. Show Me The Money.

WTF? Show Me The Money? I never could figure out why people put "tip jars" on their site. To help pay for their hosting fees?

I use a free site so why should I pay for yours, my dear? Ah, I digress. On to another topic.

Tip Jars and cluttered sidebars aside, I still like this blog. Jestertunes is quite the looker (he includes pics) and he's funny. An exellent combo in my book.

Let's Review... back to my original two questions. Was I Right? and Do I Like It?

Sort of and YES. It most definitely is a comedic blog full of random thoughts and jokes, poking fun at everyday life. But its also so much more. He has a certain take on things that I am drawn to, and I find myself willing to wade through some undesirable things (clutter, ads, and lengthy posts) to get to know his point-of-view.

Would I Return? Well, yes, I need to know how this record deal turned out, dammit!

Rating: 8


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Blogger Jester says...

Hiya Diva Dee!

Just stopping by to thank you for the review.

I completely appreciate the fact that you took the time to read posts on my site. Most reviewers look at a template, the latest post, and make their judgment based on that. Kudos to you for digging deeper.

It was customary for the court to tip the jester for being particularly witty or entertaining. I was also asked on several occasions to put one up.

One of the reasons I don't use a free site like blogspot is the lack of a decent domain name, popup comments with word verification that makes it difficult for readers to leave comments, and a limited control over the operation of the site.

My posts are often lengthy because I love to hear my own voice. :)

There are more posts in the works on the aftermath of the record contract. I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks again - Jester

4/11/2007 12:20 AM  

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