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Sunday, April 1, 2007
Taking the good with the bad

I was in the middle of this review when a certain link (to be mentioned later) locked up my computer and caused all of my browser tabs to close, including my 1/2 written review of this blog. I'm highly pissed off and having trouble remembering all that I had written previously...and godammit it was good! But, I'm trying very hard not to let that sway me from now on. You see, initially I was writing a very nice review and it was all kittens and butterflies. Now I'm pissed off. But, it really wasn't the blogger's fault so I can't let that influence this review... but I'm still pissed off! GRRR!!

Template - Upon opening this blog my eyes were pleasantly greeted with warm, soothing colors, a well-organized look and a great general layout. It is an incredibly user-friendly template. With the exception of the archive page (which I'll discuss in a moment...) there is a link back to the home page everywhere you go! That is such a nice bonus. Shit my own damn blog doesn't even have that handy link... an oversight on the designer's part maybe. I should work on that... Anyway, now back to the archive page! This is where it gets orgasmic. No joke. See, the archives are just a sweet little drop of coconut juice in her sidebar (you'll get that when see the template)... it's unobtrusive and unoffensive. Then, you click on that sweet little link and viola! You are transported to a simple page where her past posts are categorized by the month THEN by the subject! It's so easy even a caveman could do it! (God I love those Geico commercials...) Again, the only negative on that page is that I couldn't find a link back to home. Another oversight possibly, but easily fixed I'm sure. Even though the archives take you to other places in the blog, it's still nice to have that "emergency exit" type link everywhere, just in case.

Content - Ok, how do I put this.... it's um... prosaic but still managed to evoke interest in me. That is strictly a personal opinion because I'm fairly certain that most of the readers will be dozing off during their visit. For me, however, she radiated this likability about her that kept me engrossed in the posts, regardless of their mundane nature. I found myself happy that she got a new car and excited about her trip to the zoo. Maybe it's the fact that she is a girl I would be friends with, in a second. I mean, she likes country music and is a NASCAR fan. I'm also a proud card-carrying member of the country music and NASCAR fan clubs. Of course, my interests are not limited to those two things. She is also an advocate for the animals. How could anyone dislike an active animal lover who actually tries to make a difference?! The posts are not well-written per say, there is some grammar issues or misuse of words like "then" for "than" but nothing really major. Despite that, I still found myself enjoying my visit. I went back to the beginning of her blog and found that she has grown quite a bit, in her writing. That is always a good thing. Just beware when you click her Maryland SPCA link... that is the demon that caused me problems... it was probably just a freak thing though. I'm juss sayin' that's all.

Sidebar - This is where the template just gets better. It's so organized and tidy that I'm smitten. It will speak for itself.

In Summation - She doesn't write about anything earth shattering, but she is incredibly likable and her template is a work of art.

Rating 8 out of 10


Winged Emotion -

Template - I like it, but I'm not in like with it. I do happen to enjoy the little gadgets that this type of template offers... my favorite being the underlining of certain words or phrases that you can simply hover over to get their meaning. I really honestly love that. I love it so much it hurts. The header image is boring but that is just my opinion. I'm fairly certain she is probably more simple in her tastes and that is totally fine where as I tend to lean towards bright lights, flashing neon and head feathers to make me happy.

Content - I'm so bored that my eyes are rolling back in my head. As they roll back my head keeps spinning at her personal accounts of every minute of her day. Oh. My. God. This is why some bloggers shouldn't be blogging. I read her first page of posts and then clicked randomly through the archives (the best part about this blog) and found the same boring drivel and detailings of her cooking and laundry escapades. I. Don't. Care. If you are going to detail your every move, make it interesting, please. As for the archives, I already mentioned she'll get high marks for that. I love how it's organized by month and then day and you can see each post's title. It's great. Kudos for that, at least. But, overall, I find the writing fairly juvenile considering she is a 35 year old woman.

Sidebar - It's fine but there is some useless content that I dislike. But really, it's not bad. It could be worse. I just really don't care at this point.

In Summation - Nice template but a bit mundane, mind-numbing content and a great archive page. That is pretty much it folks....

Rating 3 out of 10 - Obviously just for the template and organization.


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Anonymous ANO says...

Thanks for the nice review!

4/01/2007 4:31 PM  
Anonymous StarChild says...

As the designer of all-night I can only say thanks as well! And I make it a point to have links back to the main page everywhere on all of my designs. I must have just missed that one on the archives page!

4/03/2007 2:46 AM  

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