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Monday, March 26, 2007
BlahBlahBlah and Risk Exile

First Impression - I like the name :)

- The template is so-so. It is pretty enough with a nice header of colorful butterflies, but it is a white background so there isn't much "umph" to this blog. The sidebar is also so-so, not too long, not too short, but certainly in general there is nothing in this template that makes me go WOW! I'm really hoping it gets better from here!

Content - Well there is certainly a diversity here. She goes from a post with "bad" words - you know like the ones you hear here everyday, to a post on education. Ok, I may not be part of Mensa but I can obviously tell that this woman is well versed in what she writes about, and seemingly very intelligent. Considering I can't put a whole sentence together sometimes I already feel a bit inferior. Her posts are incredibly thought provoking and funny. They are most certainly full of many adjectives that just leave you wanting to google the definitions of some of them, but they aren't written in a pompous "I know more than you do way".

It seems she is/was a bartender who is may/may not being going to school for some kind of medical license. She did mention that she was finishing up her clinical experience, so I can only assume that she is doing something at least partially medical unless she is just "playing one on TV". Either way, this girl has humor, a potty mouth, and intelligence! Damn... and I'm straight :)

Either way, her content is pretty damn good and although I don't understand some of it because I am just not that smart, I found it easy to follow and fairly entertaining to read!

In Summation - I liked her! A woman who seems to have a lot going for her!

RATING - 6 out of 10 (I just can't get over the fairly boring template)


Risk Exile

First Impression - UGH, don't do it, don't ruin my Monday - PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Template - Blah - Boring - Needs Work... Yeah, I'm having trouble even getting the words out of my mouth. I hate the header, the white background is boring, but the side bar isn't that horrible. And let me just say for the record, the name is stupid. I guess maybe you have a reason for naming it that, but I don't get it. Something a little more upbeat or personal, or even humorous might be a better choice. But Risk Exile? It sounds like a board game or a name for a war. Also, get rid of the 18,000 colors you seem to use. It is distracting! Blue, black, purple, gray, light blue, dark blue - and this is just for the lettering!!

Content - The About Me section pretty much sums it up I guess
You'll have to read the blog... but I'm into backgammon, poker, writing, coffee and sunsets. The random quotes are song lyrics that amuse me, but one is something my father said. If you can figure out the phrase that is not a song lyric, you won't win a prize, but you will have a deep and abiding satisfaction with life. Or so I'm told. I write what I think, and sometimes what I feel. It usually 'sounds' better in my head. And yes, I really am 180 years old. That gives me seniority. :)

Yes, some of the posts do seem like they were written by someone who is 180 years old but then ends it with saying "Shut the fuck up" Who are you? Are you 12 or are you 80? You write about Bo Bice, and Over-Analytical Chick Goo in the same page. Your writing, I assume, far surpasses your years. I have to admit that I do believe you are a talented writer, but it just wasn't writing that I could follow without wanting to puke. For some I'm sure it works, but for me I just kept scrolling to see if there was ANYTHING interesting about your life. Alas, I didn't find it.

In Summation - While it may suit some people, it doesn't work for me.

Rating: 3 out of 10
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Anonymous Diva Dee says...

I agree 100% with both reviews. Neither one did much for me.

3/26/2007 2:45 PM  
Anonymous cole says...

Sorry to bore you so Diva. But thanks Sexy for the compliments. I am not computer savvy and am cheap so I have not paid to have a template or design done. My tag line use to be, "Thoughts no one is interested in buy me.." and I see that Diva would agree but maybe not Sexy.

FYI...I am in nursing would have to go back a few months to get that. I just changed my template to one I could custom and I am not happy with my background color either but I can't figure out how to change it. The photo I took myself in NYC.

Thanks for the review..just a question...How far back to do you read in order to do your review?

3/26/2007 2:57 PM  
Blogger Diva Dee says...

I can't speak for the other ladies, but I always read the most current posts, usually the last couple months worth unless it's someone that posts more than once a day... that can be a little extreme!!

Then, I always go back and read the FIRST month of their posts; just to learn a little about the blog I'm reading. After that, I will pick a couple different months at random.

There's some blogs when you know as soon as you look at the main page that its not going to be worth delving much farther into it. But some you WANT to find something you like, so I keep reading.

Hope this helps.

And P.S. I certainly didn't think your blog was boring. Maybe its just me having other things in my brain today, and maybe it was the fact that I didn't read much more than a few of your most recent posts.

Thanks for letting us review you!

3/26/2007 4:20 PM  
Anonymous cole says...

Thanks for the answers...and the traffic. ha.


3/26/2007 5:54 PM  
Blogger Scott from Oregon says...

I was looking for a submittal button, but it is late and I can't see well after an hour of 24.

Have a go reviewing me, if you are willing to actually read--

The blog is called AELEOPE (Anecdotal Evidence Life Exists On Planet Earth)

And I change my template the way a woman changes shoes, so don't waste your time telling me my template needs or wants anything.

Thanks, ladies...


3/27/2007 2:13 AM  

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