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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
I Don't Know Where I'm From

Blog Being Reviewed: I Don't Know Where I'm From
Reviewed By: Diva Dee

At First Glance: My computer crashed four times trying to access this site, and then Blogger crashed on the TWO attempts to write this review. Maybe it's a sign from above?

Template/Design: Standard layout, but I'm quite fond of the colors. Totally matches the brown pants she's wearing in the picture, so she's workin' it. Plus this isn't a story of someone's life that would warrant a pink and purple template with frilly flowers. This is a pretty dark story she's telling, and she picked a suitable template for it.

The brown text body paired with the tan font is a tad bit difficult to read, but we here at "So Many Blogs..." have seen worse. MUCH WORSE.

Two suggestions for the template. Move the "My Life Story" up to the very smack-dab top of the sidebar. It's always the most important part of any sidebar, and especially for this blog, in particular. So much more important than say, the awards she's won? Seriously, haven't all bloggers won an award of some sort? Hell, they are passed out like Jehovahs Witness flyers. Every blog has at least gotten ONE.

Well, except our blog.

But I'm not upset.


My other suggestion for the template would be to shorten the list of "chapters." Put it on a separate page and give your readers a chance to click on a link in your sidebar to "Start Reading." I assume you're going to keep this story going (at least I'm truly hoping you do!), so the list of posts will get quite long eventually. As of today, you're already on #64!

Loyal and Faithful Diva Dee Worshippers Readers, If you've checked this blog out yet, you'll notice this is one blog that "archives" don't suit very well, and neither does a list of "Previous Posts." This blog truly requires a reader to start from the very beginning and delve into the story of her life. (Plus it has the added feature of being able to click on "Next Post" at the bottom, making it easier to navigate.)

Content: Delving into the story of her life. That's just what I did. I spent my afternoon yesterday reading all sixty-four posts on this blog, and I loved it. Her "Life Story" in her own words:

Between 1976-1989 my family moved 18 times. I went to 16 schools K-10. Whenever I moved to a new place kids would ask me where I was from, and I'd tell them I didn't know where I was from, but I was born in San Diego, and then I would rattle off a bunch of places where I had lived. The next question would always be, "Are you an army brat?" The answer is no. The truth is my parents were on the run from a couple government agencies. Add to this bizarre tale living with alcoholic parents and it makes it very complicated. This is my life.

I was caught up in this story, and I waited on the next post with baited breath. It was like watching "Days of Our Lives" on a Friday afternoon, and when the final scene fades to black, you let out an exasperated "GAH!" because now you have to wait until Monday to see what happens next. That's how I felt at the end of these posts.

When I first started reading, I was curious as to if this was REAL or fiction, and I've determined it sure seems to be a true story. In my opinion, like that would matter!!! Because I'd still totally be reading this blog!

I'm not going to bother linking any of her posts to you people, because I have issued a June 27th, 2007 Proclamation:




The only issues I had with the content were that some of it seemed a little James Frey-ish. If you've read his book, "Million Little Pieces" you'll know what I mean. Kinda jumpy writing-- that's the best way I can describe it. But I liked that book, and I like this blog.

My other issue was with the use of acronyms for people's names... I totally understand the need for privacy, but it made it a little hard to follow at times.

And the music and video clips? I LOVED THEM!!! It brought back so many memories for me, because we are almost the same age.

What is the one thing I would change about this blog? If I had to choose ONE, move the "Life Story" up... everything else is fine the way it is.

What is the best feature of this blog? The story, man! It's all about the story!

Rating: 9.5 - if any of you have teenagers, this blog should be required reading for them.


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Blogger utenzi says...

That is a very good blog, DD. I definitely think she should have more than one post on the main page tho. Like you suggested, she should at least move the links to previous "chapters" up higher.

6/27/2007 6:37 PM  
Blogger christine says...

Hey, I really like this blog. So glad I found her through you.

6/28/2007 2:36 AM  

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