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Wednesday, February 7, 2007
Question From A Reader
An email we received today:

...I am considering having my own blog reviewed. But I have only a standard blogger template in place. I have zero skills when it comes to the technical stuff. Does the template make up a large portion of the review rating? I'd hate to ask you to waste your time on mine if it does because the only changes I made was having someone add a blog roll on there and a stat counter for me.

Our reply:

Go ahead and submit your blog! Although we look at several different things in each blog we visit, we also go back through quite a bit of your archives as well. We might weigh someone's template more than another blog's simply depending on what mood we're in. Or as you can see from some of our other reviews (not that we've done a LOT yet), we will occasionally not even worry about the template if what you write about is your strong point.

We like getting to know new people and new blogs, and we totally understand that not everyone knows everything there is to know about setting up a site. We certainly don't claim to be experts at it, either!

This site is purely for fun, and maybe even a way for you to find some new blogs to read.

Submit away, my dear!


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