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Tuesday, February 6, 2007
Ransom Note Typography
I see a title like "Ransom Type Typography" and I automatically assume I will hate it. What the hell does that title mean? It could only mean a blog of nothing, a blog of crap, a blog of whatever it is that will be wasting my time in even typing out a review. And I never did find out what the title even means. Maybe he'll respond and let us know?

So, with all that said--- I'm not sure why I like it so much.

It truly encompasses everything I hate in a blog. Three columns, next-to-nothing header. GOOGLE ADS-- which you should seriously check out if you're looking for Led Zeppelin ringtones or if you want to get LASIK surgery in Los Angeles. Fa' REAL.

He's got the long list of archives, going clear the hell back to September 2005. He's got a list of his OWN favorite posts. Hell, he's even got a webcam taking a picture like every 15 minutes, so you can always keep your on eye on what he's doing. That right there should say NO POINTS, right? As he said, one of these days, you will see a big old booger coming out of that Jimmy Durante honker. (OK, I added the "Jimmy Durante honker" part, k?)

I am waiting for my head to stop spinning, because this is usually the point where I tend to go all "exorcist" on someone's ass and start ripping apart anything and everything I can get my hands on. All of the things in his blogs are things I normally would give one glance to and then lowball the score just to rid myself of wasting any more of my precious time.

My palms are sweating. I feel faint. Could it be? Could I actually LIKE this blog?

Damn straight.

The content rocks. I never thought it would be good, but it is. Hell, I was SKEERED to even review the damn thing, because I feared another douchebag site, but I gotta say--

This one's a keeper.

Ok, *whew* I got that off my chest. Maybe I'm high from the glue I was using in my craft-making (thanks Watchdog!) or maybe this blog is just good. The one thing I cannot figure out it is that it doesn't look like any of his posts have COMMENTS on them. Maybe he's hiding them, or does no one out there know about this blog?

Would I Return? This is an easy answer. I would say a most definite YES.

Check him out. Skip past the computer mumbo-jumbo unless you're feeling uber-techie today, and read on. He's got some great things to say. Go leave him some comments, show him some love, and tell him Diva Dee sent ya.

Rating: 8 out of 10 (I'm feeling generous)

Thanks for letting us review your blog.


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Blogger Whisky says...

The computer stuff went over my head.....but I'm stoopid anyway.

I'm sorry, but I laughed out loud when the poor guy said about getting shot by his child!

"eye" hope he makes a quick recovery bless him!




2/07/2007 3:51 AM  
Anonymous jon says...

Hi there and thank you for taking the time to review my site. I also sort of responded on my site, but I'll say something here, too.

First... the title

Ransom Note Typography. I used to have an explanation for the title, but then I redesigned the site last year and took it down. Perhaps I should plop it back in there. Typography is the "science" (art, whatever) of designing a page using type. (Think book or magazine layouts). Ransom note typography was very common in the initial days of desktop publishing because suddenly people had access to dozens more fonts. So things looked like crap and somewhat akin to a ransom note. A vomitous riot of typefaces.

The favorite posts thing wasn't my idea, but I think it might help to "introduce" people to one's site. But it is a huge ego trip thing, you are correct. I'm up in the air about it.

The google ads. Hey, I've made $12.95 in two years! Who's going to snub their noses at that?! Why that will pay for at least two lunches, if I ever get a check.

The web-cam thing... Oh man... Yeah, that's coming down. Even my wife says it's stupid. But I really only did it in the first place because I was doing all kinds of geeky scripting stuff to get the photos to post auto-magically. It was an exercise in coding more than anything.

Comments are always on and only censored if people are profane (my kids read my site, so I try to keep it at least PG-13), but I just toil away in the back woods on the Intarweb and get *very* little traffic. Beside my mom, trolling for pics of her grandchildren, that is.

Thanks again for stopping by.

2/07/2007 10:28 AM  
Blogger Diva Dee says...

Well, thats explains it all then, doesn't it?

I know I, for one, will be back to visit your site again, because what you write more than made up for all the other stuff.


2/07/2007 10:41 AM  
Blogger Radioactive Jam says...

I'm going to make "vomitous riot of typefaces" my phrase of the week.

2/07/2007 12:12 PM  
Blogger Michael says...

Hey, I comment on RNT every now and again. Don't I count for anything? Wait, don't answer that.

2/08/2007 7:37 PM  

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