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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
The Cartoonist They Call The STIK

Blog Being Reviewed: The Cartoonist They Call the STIK
Reviewed By: Diva Dee

At First Glance: Gah! The advertising! Oh GAWD the advertising!

Template/Design: It's OK. Grey background, white text body. Perhaps the bland white and grey are supposed to force me to focus on the holy shitload of crapola in the sidebar? The sidebar is loaded with stuff, fluff, and everything in between. Move the archives and stuff about YOU to the top of your sidebar, lose the renter business, and get rid of all the other crap. Your blog is way too busy, and it starts to draw attention away from the main purpose of your site, which is the cartoons.

I hate to keep ragging on your sidebar, man, but its just all askew. Some things are bold, some are centered, some are left-aligned... all different fonts and sizes, and there's no organization. Ruby Lou would have an OCD fit if she was reviewing this, but to me its an annoyance.

And is the header graphic supposed to have anything to do with "cow cartoons?" Its a little kid knocking over a snowman. Hmmph. I don't get it.

Content: To sum up the author's description of the blog, it's "Just a normal cartoonist trying to do 365 cow cartoons in a year." With that being said, the blog has a purpose, and looking through the posts, he certainly fulfills that purpose. Cow cartoons indeed. I'm totally diggin' this one, but many of the others just aren't the laugh out loud cartoons. I see some that are ha-ha funny, but nothing that makes me want to forward the link to anyone urging them to take a gander. Just not my style. But, to be fair, it looks like Stik has some talent.

What is the first thing I would change about this blog? Put the advertising on a separate page, and link to it with one main link on the home page. I don't have a problem with you wanting to sell your wares, because there's some funny stuff here, but don't bombard me with it.

What is the best feature of this blog? The content. Hands down.

Rating: 5
You had me at cow cartoons. You lost me with the advertising and the clutter.


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