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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
The Fomentations of LadyXandria
BLOG BEING REVIEWED: The Formentations of LadyXandria
REVIEWED BY: Sexy Simone

AT FIRST GLANCE: Whoa! All you can see is the header which is like The Phantom of the Opera mixed with Edward Scissorhands! Then I see a very blue template...and I really have to go figure out what the hell formentations is!

TEMPLATE / DESIGN: Well, it's blue! A nice shade of baby bluebird eggs is all I can think of actually. The template is set up very nice and neat. The sidebar looks great, easy to read and very orderly. There is just, in my humble opinion, way too many colors going on here! As I look through my kaleidoscope, I see light blue, dark blue, maroon, fuchsia, red, and more hot pink type colors. Hmmm... we'll talk about that later!

CONTENT: It's a lot of self perception, stuff about friends, regular everyday stories. There are definitely some funny parts, some HNT (Half Naked Thursday) parts, and some general jibber jabber. It is above average but nothing that makes you say "HEY - I want to be this girls very best friend". She seems cool, but it is definitely geared to a certain type of reader, which is fine, nothing wrong with that... although I'm not sure that I'm her particular reader.

WHAT IS THE FIRST THING I WOULD CHANGE ABOUT THIS BLOG? The colors. Stay with one - choose one for your comments, one for your links, one for sidebar - you get the picture. The different shades and colors make it look a bit "off".

WHAT IS THE BEST FEATURE OF THIS BLOG? - Love the HNT's! She shows a lot of self confidence and really knows how to strut her stuff.

RATING: # 6 out of 10


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Blogger DJ Diva says...

U know....I didn't really have a problem with this until I got to HEY - I want to be this girls very best friend".

Like...why would reading someone's blog make you feel this way? I've been blogging for 3 years and not once did someone's blog make me feel that way....ick

and by the way...I've actually been friends with Lady X since we were 13 and yup...she really is the kind of friend you would want as your very best!

I think your site would really blow up if you were more constructively critical...instead of the bitchy comments....but I guess that's what you're really good at....

Tis a shame too...You had a great idea...

5/30/2007 9:28 PM  
Anonymous Sexy Simone says...

Let me correct you oh dear one - I said "It DOESN'T make me want to be her very best friend". Not that it is a bad thing - I'm just pointing out that if are going to read and comment a review, you may want to get it right.

It is a phrase, a cliché, just something to say dude!

And if we can't make one happy then we'll make the other happy I guess, because everyone bitched that we just had bitchy reviews and no constructive criticism - now you are bitching that we don't have enough bitch comments.

Is anyone is this world ever truly happy??

5/31/2007 7:45 AM  

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