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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Scopist By Day, Cross Stitcher By Night
BLOG BEING REVIEWED:Scopist By Day, Cross Stitcher By Night
REVIEWED BY: Sexy Simone


AT FIRST GLANCE: Goody goody gumdrops - a standard blogger template - IN PINK!! Could my life get any better? *Insert major sarcasm here* My first thought when I first saw it, is why oh why people want to keep their boring, standard blogger. There are tons of free ones out there - do people not know this by now???

TEMPLATE / DESIGN: I think you already know what I'm going to say, but let me reiterate for the reading impaired... DO NOT use the standard blogger template. It is boring. It is not unique. It does not show off your personality. For this one in particular - It is PINK! Bright, put on my sunglasses pink. You have nothing on your sidebar which doesn't thrill me... but what is there (4 months of archives, and a small about me section) is nice organized, albeit drab and boring.

CONTENT: Must we go here? This is a blog for one specific type of person - a cross stitcher. I am not a cross stitcher, nor can I read about cross stitching. I can't even look at cross stitching without saying - would someone really do that for fun? HOWEVER - I wouldn't mind a cross stitching blog if there was something else of interest in it. Something personal perhaps, something about your day job, something about your dog... ANYTHING! Something more than I got my yarn today! Well woo fucking hoo - I'm glad you got your yarn. But c'mon, you must have had something else go on that day! Did you run into an old friend? Eat lunch? Something, anything, to make life more exciting?? Granted, I'm not putting down your hobby - in fact the picture of Titania was gorgeous - but if you're going to have a blog you may want to jazz it up a bit with other stuff.

WHAT IS THE ONE THING I WOULD CHANGE ABOUT THIS BLOG? One? I have to narrow it to one? OK, the template. If you are doing a particular hobby look for free blogger templates cross stitching, or free blogger templates hobbies... something along those lines.

WHAT IS THE BEST FEATURE OF THIS BLOG? Ooh, tough one. Well, I would say you are passionate about your hobby, which is cool.

RATING - 2 out of 10 - You tried, I know you did.


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