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Friday, August 10, 2007
Random Acts of Sass

Blog Being Reviewed: Sassy Belle - Random Acts of Sass
Reviewed By: Naughty Nina

At First Glance: Ooohh I like. Simple, chic and perfectly uncluttered.

Template/Design: Hallelujah, praise the Lord - it’s not another shitty standard blogger template! This one’s Wordpress with multiple pages that have everything neatly tucked away in it’s place where it all belongs. It’s not super fancy or anything (I like a little bling myself –some Kapow!) but it’s clean, calm and soothing and not full of junk.

For some reason there’s no archives on the archives tab (unless I’m just stupid and couldn’t figure it out). I tried using the “previous post” option at the bottom of the page – which drove me completely crazy … until I discovered the “Sasification” section at the side bar which was perfect – it’s a crap load of cool categories to click on and poke around for related posts.

Content: At first… it was just ok. But I persevered, pressed on and dug. And dug. And dug. I read one post after another and before I knew it I’d sat for two hours reading just about every one. And ended up totally in like with this girl and wishing I knew her for real. I say girl because she’s young (I’m guessing early twenties), idealistic, doesn’t appear jaded by anything (yet) and wishes the world were pure and shiny and sparkly. And she’d save it single handedly if she could.

She has a beautiful heart with a cheeky twist and I wish there were more people in the world like her. She has wicked-ass taste in men too - she loves herself some Anderson Cooper (in an admiring kind of way). As do I (but in a more than a friend kind of way).

What is the one thing I would change about this blog? I think the archives aren’t working properly (or they weren’t for me anyway).

What is the best feature of this blog? The variety in her posts - it's a potpourri of random goodness.

Rating: 8 - I heart her. Spend some time poking around her site and you will too.


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Anonymous Sassy Belle says...

ooh! thanks! we can be friends, Naughty Nina. Anyone who wants to nail Anderson Cooper is a friend of mine!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

8/13/2007 12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

Nina wants to nail Anderson Cooper??? ... hahahahaaaahahaaa.
Um, you "ladies" do know that he's a man's man, right??? I'm afraid you're looking for apples on an orange tree. Sorry.
He's a good kisser, by the way. I promised I wouldn't tell, but....

8/14/2007 4:56 AM  

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