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Thursday, August 9, 2007
2 Blog or Not 2 Blog

Blog Being Reviewed: 2 Blog or not 2 Blog
Reviewed By: Lexis Eldorado

At First Glance: Who the hell can we contact over at Wordpress to stop the clinical look?! Ok, you wanna try to make other blog sites look like Myspace with all the bells and whistles but DAYUM can you give us something more than this!!?! Once again the actual template I am not going to review because it ain't even his fault.

Template/Design: For some reason I like my sidebars on the right, since we read left to right, I like to get into the story and let the sidebar be stuff I notice - not smack in my face first, but that's a personal preference. Just your standard template - so now I'm expecting fireworks in the words or this might go downhill kinda fast. My foot is on the clutch, give it to me mannnn!

Content: First off, the most recent post is about one of my favorite movie series Die Hard - I feel myself being sucked in....I tried to read the about and the 100's etc. but all links lead to a blank page, but I pieced together from reading this person is male (he was singing his balls off at one time, lol) and he's Australian. I equate this writing style to a person who walks the streets with a pen and pad in their hand. He rovingly reports the news in his world and it's not bad. Even a simple post, as if he's about to jump on the train but had to get the thought out - wets your palate in such a way, even if you don't want to, you end up stopping by. I personally liked this kinda vibe.

What is the first thing I would change about this blog? Pay or Barter with someone to add some pizzazz to wack ass wordpress. Switch the side bar.

What is the best feature of this blog? Sometimes we like our blog curtains wide open, we pull up a chair with our popcorn (or lube depending on what you get off on) and just look head on. Sometimes we like to peep over the hedges - this is a delicious peep over the hedges - I think I just grabbed myself, lol

Rating: 8


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Anonymous Mick says...

G'day! Thanks for the review! Putting the sidebar to the right could be a welcome alteration. Thanks for the suggestion.

As for the 100 Stuffs links. I checked it out and they seem to be fine. You're not using *gasp* Internet Explorer are you?

But I think that sometimes Wordpress gets a little confused and has problems with tricky things like...links.

Thanks again :)

8/10/2007 7:33 PM  

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