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Friday, March 16, 2007
Weekends Off
Perfect blog to be reviewing here on a Friday, since we lovely ladies do manage to take Weekends Off.

Template: It's another blog that's all one color, just different shades of it. Blue, blue, blue. It's decent, and doesn't make me want to scrap this review and move on to the next one. For starters, your tagline--- the word "un-kind" really should be just "unkind." There's no need to add the hyphen. I like the butterflies-- are they supposed to go along with the butterfly tattoo, I assume? The template was generated by PsycHo and if you're someone that knows nothing about templates, but want something besides the standard Blogger stuff, maybe this would be an option. It's basically a free template generator, and you can somewhat customize your own. I still think Weekends Off could find something a little more HER in the template department.

Content: I can totally sympathize with the obvious irritation with your co-worker. I live for the days my annoying-as-fuck co-worker calls in sick, or happens to take a vacation day. (by the way, she is now gone until Wednesday, and I'm loving life!) I will not spoil Grey's for you, because I don't watch it. And the show you're referring to is "October ROAD." Yes, I too was looking forward to catching an episode of it simply because of Donna from "That 70s Show."

Ok, people that was all from the first post I read. I need to move on to see what else this gal has to say.

We'll start with her first month of posts-- damn, this girl started posting good stuff right out of the gate! No easing into blogging-- the girl just jumped in headfirst. And she's a good writer. Some of the posts are a bit lengthy, but I was not sitting there wondering who all the people are that she was talking about. Honey, I am going to have to keep reading because I need to know how your kids are doing, and how the meeting with them went. I'm still a little lost as to how their dad has been able to keep them from you for all these years, and also how his current wife is who they've assumed gave birth to them? I'm anxious to keep reading to see if I can figure out how this story all plays out. I'm hooked after only reading the first few posts!

I've spent quite a bit of time on this blog today, and I've read through several months of archives. Her blog reads like a story. One post starts where the previous one left off. I swore off soap operas many years ago, but this blog might just fill that void. This is another blogger I could be good friends with "in real life" because she's just that cool, and well-- you know, so am I. The one thing I am curious about is how old she is. Maybe she'll share that with us? I'm guessing late 30s, early 40s?

Summing it up, she's honest. She's refreshing. She makes me laugh, and that is what I look for in a blog. Go check her out.

Navigation: The only thing I found that irritates me with the navigation part is that when I was reading archives, this is another blog that has all pages opening in a new window. I had this problem with another blog, and I can't for the life of me remember which one (because it was probably shitty anyways). But if I were to become a regular reader (which I will address later), I would just read the main page anyways.

Clutter: None really. Blogroll is a little long, but I get tired of mentioning that in every review I do... so I'll zip it.

Would I Return? Yes. Weekends Off, whatever your name is, you have officially been added to my blogroll, and I will be returning. I love your writing, and I have had a great time reading so far. I actually might spend my entire workday catching up on your life so far. I'm looking forward to it!

Rating: 9 ... I rated this one mostly on content. I took a point off because I'm not sure the template was doing it for me today.

* I will be doing a 2nd review today, so stay tuned!


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Blogger Weekends Off says...

Wow, thank you Diva Dee! I can't even begin to tell you how you made my day! :0)

3/16/2007 12:42 PM  

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