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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Renaming Things
OK, why did I get assigned 4 blogs to review in 2 days? Oh yeah. I'm the boss, and I fucked up.

Here we go, oh faithful readers of the crap we spew forth.

My 4th review: Renaming Things

Template: Standard blogger template. Nothing much to it, but if you're going to stick with this plain-janer of a template, a few suggestions to make it work better:

  1. Move the "About Me" to the top of the sidebar. Include the "My Life" in that.
  2. Your scary picture should be second.
  3. Archives next.
  4. All the other shit should be last. Like I've said before, you want people reading YOUR blog, or you want them to read your blogroll?

Content: To be honest, I'm just not getting into this blog at all. I tried, really I tried. He apparently revamped his site as his 2007 New Years resolution and promised better writing, but I haven't seen anything so far that has piqued my interest. Maybe he should try writing from Gromit's point of view... could be a quirky little twist, eh?

It's pretty much a diary of whats happening in his life, which is pretty much what we all blog about. BUT-- my dear, do you not EVER have anything exciting, funny, stupid happen to you? This blog just wasn't doing it for me.

Clutter/Navigation: Clutter doesn't really exist on a standard Blogger beta template.

Would I Return? I might return sometime in the future to check in on him (I do this with all the blogs we review), but probably will not be a regular reader.

Rating: 2


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Blogger Whisky says...

This is Whiskyminx, I have been hypnotized by the swaying man on this blog aaaaarrrggghhh!

I couldn't get any further than the meez thing, as I was trying to work out what the point of it was, weather?




3/23/2007 8:29 AM  

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