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Friday, March 16, 2007
The Road Less Unraveled
After the great review I just finished today (scroll down to previous post to read it), I'm feeling pretty good for a Friday. She's going to be a tough act to follow.

In strolls The Road Less Unraveled. Will it be able to compete with the likes of the previous blog, or is it destined to be swept under the rug with the zero's and one's we've handed out lately?

First Impression: Oh my fucking God. Is this page busy or what? This page is fucking busier than a one-armed mother of triplets. I'm not liking the looks of this, and I see a bad review in her future. It didn't work for me in IE, so I had to switch to Firefox. FUCK, still doesn't look right. Finally, Opera seemed to like it, and I'm ready to get started. I really don't like to have to WORK to get a site to open. When reading anything beyond the main page, you really never know where the sidebars are going to show up, because they are just all over the place everytime I click on something. ACK! Get me outta here! ! !

Template: In IE, your right sidebar (yes, its 3-columns, people) drops way down to the bottom on your page. In Firefox, lots of other shit is jacked up. This template is boring as hell, and obviously she is making up for it by loading her sidebars with CRAP. It has Photoblog and Flickr Photos, recent comments, tells how many users are online, polls, lots of extra widgets and crap taking up space, her blood type, auction for her firstborn child, a list of music she likes to bump uglies to... ok, I'm exaggerating on those last few... or AM I? At least she doesn't "Exercise for Comments" or advertise Pay Per Post, because then I'd really go psycho-bitch on her ass.

But where are the archives and previous posts? Way the hell over in the right hand column AT THE BOTTOM!!! Honey, do you want us to read YOUR blog or do you want to give us a million links to go elsewhere first? YOUR archives and YOUR previous posts should be your main focus. Hence, they should be appear first and foremost on your sidebar. And if you'd ditch half the shit taking up residence in your sidebars, you could find a template that is much more fun, and more YOU, and you'd have lots more room to actually BLOG. Isn't that what your site is really for anyways?

Some things about your header made me do a double take. First of all, I hate the font that its written in, because it resembles that of a junior high girl writing a note to her BFF. Bubbly and round letters, with little hearts and flowers. And the tagline... something doesn't sound right... anyone else agree?

I took the road less traveled by
now, where the hell am I?

Maybe I am having a blonde moment, but I swear I had to read this 5 times before I got it right. I kept reading it as "I took the road less traveled by now, (pause) where am I?"

When I guess it really should be...

I took the road less traveled by (PERIOD)
Now, where the hell am I?

I have heard of someone taking the "road less traveled" but never the "road less traveled by." I guess it just doesn't sound right, but I've spent way too much time on this already, so I'll shut up.

Content: One you get past the previous shit I've mentioned, the content isn't bad. But I can't vouch for it being good either, because there isn't much of it actually written by her. When its actually HER doing the writing. I ran into a lot of posts that were simply poll results, jokes that she's gotten from people, a random quote here and there, or posts available to "subscribed readers only."

WTF? Let me just say, I hate when people do this. Either blog or don't blog... if you have shit you want private, write it in a fucking diary. It's also annoying as hell to be reading something and then it stops... Please click here to read the rest of this post. DAMMIT! I don't want to go to all this work!! FUCK!

I did read through her "Random Things" page, and she seems nice enough. I'm just not getting a feel for who she is by reading her posts. The person writing the posts and the person described in the Random Things post could very easily be two different people, and I would never know any different.

On her "About" page, she had this to say:

On my blog you will learn a lot about me because I’m a very honest person who tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. I’m emotional but I’m still tough. I’m often a dark cloud with a silver lining most of the time. I have anxiety issues along with what seems to be a little bit of ADD but I actively work hard to make progress with myself. I go to therapy and every single day I try to make improvements. I’m a hopeless romantic and love songs often make me cry.

Show me some of THIS, Robin. This is what we want to read about. Not random quotes from Erma Bombeck and Warren Beatty. Not results from your polls... people want to read about YOU.

Clutter: I don't think I need to re-hash this topic. 'nuff said.

Navigation: GAH! I've never been to a site where I've had to click my mouse and use my "back" button so much in such a short period of time. I'm tired.

Would I Return? No. I'm sorry. I wanted to take the time to read through more of your archives to try and get to know you, but damn. My fingers are tired.

Rating: 1 (because I liked the "Random Things" about her... write more about THAT stuff and re-submit your blog to us.)

** Let me just say this: There are occasionally some blogs that I truly get distinct pleasure from low-balling them, because some blogs out there really just suck. But this particular blog, I took no joy in giving it the rating I did. I don't know her at all, but she seems to be a person that has great potential if she'd take the time to sit down and BLOG.


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Blogger RubyLou says...

I took the road less traveled,
NOW where the hell am I?

That is what it should say for cripes sake.

There is no BY in the quote, and if there really is, take it out anyway. It makes no sense.

3/16/2007 4:52 PM  
Blogger Robin says...

What a bad time to get my review and thanks for the constructive criticism. I'm actually in the process of having a blog designed for me and doing the best I can with what I have. Most of my posts, I think, are pretty thoughtful and interesting but who knows. I definitely have too many things in my sidebars but most of them I used for blogging purposes like my photoblog, poll and the Top Ten list.

I'm bummed you caught my blog right now and it came across so badly. I wish you got to see the really good stuff.

3/16/2007 4:58 PM  
Blogger Abigail S says...

I just visited this blog. She has done a lot to change it. It looks much cleaner now. A little bit on the boring side, though. But still much better than what you were describing.

Perhaps now it could be a 5 or 6?

3/19/2007 10:11 AM  
Blogger Robin says...

I didn't change it to get a better rating, I'm always changing it and since I'm waiting for my new design I wanted something more simple.

3/19/2007 10:35 AM  

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