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Wednesday, March 7, 2007
Charles The Technician
Charles The Technician

First Thought: Why me? OH DEAR GOD, WHY ME!!!!!! This was honestly my first thought as I opened this blog. Why can't I get a blog that I just absolutely love? Ok, maybe I've gotten a few of these but not as many as I want. I want people to have great templates, words that make you ponder and laugh at the same time, and I want people not to have black backgrounds on their blogs! Is that too much to ask for? I think not!

Template: Could you tell that this one has a black background? With a lightening header. Wow, it just bowled me over, what about you? (Insert sarcastic snicker here) You can say he is very orderly at least. The sidebar is "just so" with the letters being way to small for my "I'm getting to old to see" eyes, but everything looks so proper (read boring)

Content: Jeesh, I realized I didn't even get sucked in enough to read one word as I was typing this. Usually I have already read at least one post, but nothing pulled me in enough to even bother. So here I go (reading, reading, reading). LMAO!! Oh my, I am so thrilled! So completely happy I could cry.


Oh, I love you, I really do. It turns out he is a computer technician that regularly does a post called "Idiot of the week". He then relays conversations he has had with people about email servers, or fixing laptops or whatever they can't seem to do that day. You should read some of these idiot ones, these people are fucking stupid! Either way, I just spend a good 20 minutes going through archives looking for idiot of the week posts, and I spent a good portion of that time laughing. Read this one, this one, and this one because it is both nasty and funny at the same time.

What I'm not so happy about is the fact that he doesn't update nearly as much as he should! I want more idiot stories!!

In Summation: Looks can be deceiving and I for one can admit when I was wrong. I'm still not going to give it a great rating because mostly I would just immediately move onto the next blog if I saw the template, but I do have to say I will be saving it to my bloglines!

Rating - 6 out of 10


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Anonymous Charles The Tech says...

I use this template because I'm a sadist.

/whips your eyes into submission.

I update about once a week, the last couple weeks have been HELL as I've not been able to sit down and breath yet, usually I toss some other stuff in there like Old War stories, My misadventures with PETA members, The joy of using BlogExplosion, , or even just answering email questions (I'm a giver!)

Thank you for the review, I guess I won't be autoforwarding all refering links from you to lemonparty (I told you I was a Sadist).

One day I'll jump on a new template but for now, it works.


3/08/2007 12:30 AM  
Blogger DraMa says...

SS, can you change the color of your rating? With this template they need to be white... IMO. It's harsh on the eyes.

3/08/2007 9:01 AM  
Blogger Abigail S says...

I, too, enjoyed his blog! Some very funny stuff there.

3/08/2007 6:44 PM  
Blogger Lia says...

That about concurs with my feeling about this blog; The template made it hard to read, but the content was great! Very funny, very real.

3/09/2007 9:19 AM  

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