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Monday, March 5, 2007
Volatile Lunacy
What better way to start off a new week than by checking in on a little Volatile Lunacy?

In comes Delilah Moon, Miss Volatile Lunacy herself, and my first impression is-- red, red, red, everywhere red. And I like it.

Let's begin, shall we?

Template/Navigation: Wasn't this the blog that used to have the header of the red stilettos on it? My 2-cents worth-- I like this one better. Still lots of red, and its totally working for this lady, because it seems to match her fiery personality. Very nice and neat blog you've got going on. Its a free WordPress theme/template, get the picture? People, take it from Miss Delilah Moon here-- you don't have to settle for a boring standard template! There are plenty of free templates out there to go around!

Content: First of all, I will be mailing you a sign to wear across your "Whale Ass" that says "Exit Only - Do Not Enter." That will be sufficient enough punishment for your husband.

And, I know exactly what you mean about working in an office full of women. Petty, catty bullshit, and lots of it. Been there, done that.

Damn straight, this girl has got grit. She's funny, full of smart-ass attitude and quick wit. She manages a home, a family and a career and still manages to find time to keep this blog up. I don't see any posts full of meaningless drivel either. She's always got something to say and like the old EF Hutton commercials-- When Delilah talks, people listen!

But honey, where the fuck are your archives? I see links to the five previous posts on the sidebar, but no archives? Do I really have to click on each individual category to read past posts? I don't like that, because I need order. Chronological order, that is. A new reader would have a hard time catching up if their only choices were to click on are things like "childrens of the corn" or "Everyday Bullshit."

If I was an everyday reader, I could maybe keep up a little better. I'm just sayin'...

Clutter: Not much of it here. A blogroll that eventually will need to be shortened, but since she's got nothing else in her sidebar, it's probably OK as is.

Would I Return? Yes, probably. Again, this would be another blog to read through a feed, so I can keep the posts in order if I missed a few days.

Rating: 7 out of 10


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Blogger Braindead Betty says...

I like your guys' new template, but it doesn't work in Opera. The far right inch or so is cut off. Just thought you should now.

3/05/2007 9:56 AM  
Blogger Braindead Betty says...

Um, know, that is.

3/05/2007 9:56 AM  
Blogger Diva Dee says...

I checked it in Firefox, Opera, and of course IE, and it worked just fine for me!

3/05/2007 10:16 AM  
Blogger DaisyJo says...

I like Miss Delilah - she's sassy! I've had her in my bloglines for a month or so, and always get a kick out of her. And that is one hot! header.

3/05/2007 10:40 AM  
Blogger elizabeth says...

the blog is fun, i don't love the red, but that's just me. i think i agree with the overall score, though.

also, the template looks fine in opera for me.

3/06/2007 9:40 AM  
Blogger Whisky says...

:( I can't see your boobies!! I just get a blank header and have to scroll down :(

It's windows xp ie. Do I need to get firefox? Can you tell I'm a complete technophobe!




3/07/2007 4:01 AM  
Anonymous Delilah Moon says...

Thanks so much guys for the review! I'm such a dumb dink I didn't even realize I'd been reviewd until just now. Fuck. So, I am going to highlight my review in my next post and give y'all the kudos ya deserve.

I like the new look. Seriously. ;-)

Oh, and the archive situation. Yea. I don't like it either. This was the free template I liked, and since I'm code retarded, there wasn't much I could do about it tho. I'm waiting on my new template I paid for to be installed, and archives will be in that one. The sidebar will be neater with things tucked away in drop down menus and such. BUT, the red will be gone!

Will you still come and see me? Oh yes, there will still be boobies in the header tho!

Thanks again! I feel all warm and squishy inside.

3/13/2007 10:16 PM  

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