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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just so you know I've been on a bit of a hiatus - so watch out!! The lucky winner today that gets my review is Bluepaintred.

First Impression: What is up with that name?? It could be Blue Paint Red, but no... they want to put it as Bluepaintred... huh?? I'm already confused, wtf??

Template: It is a free blog template which I have to admit is better than the standard, but I see this one around so damn much that I'm sick of it. It is so damn girly, flowery, and generally makes me want to puke. Pink, green, light blue... huh, what happened to Blue and Red? If you are going to have a title with colors in it, then try and go for a template with those colors. Doesn't that make sense or am I just a color freak? The sidebar is okay, nothing much to report here. A little out of balance but I'm sick to death of bashing everyones sidebar. No one cares anyhow.

Content: Whew! It gets better - thank god!! I think she has some sort of sex fetish because on the first page she has posts that include the words pussy and penis. Hard up anyone? Still upon reading the posts I found a lot of humor and general wittiness. The post "If pets kept diaries" is hysterical, but that is because I own a cat. If you aren't a cat person just skip it. Just skip the comics too, they don't make any freaking sense. But if you can get past the crap you'll find a really funny blog. Just overlook a helluva lot to get there.

Clutter: There isn't any so give the girl an extra point for that!

Would I return: Sure, why not. Maybe if I keep looking at the horrible template then I will lose some weight from vomiting over and over again. Give the girl another point!

Rating - 5 out of 10 (Great content, bad template)


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Blogger Diva Dee says...

Maybe its just me, but I read through the front page of her site, and can't get into it at all. I agree with you on the template, and what the FUCK is the deal with everyone using the "I exercise for comments" thing?

Do I care? um, NO.

2/28/2007 1:26 PM  
Blogger Bluepaintred says...

so how long do you keep comment sup before deleting them again?

last I checked I had left two and two other bloggers had each left one.

enh. never mind you will just delete this one too...

5/25/2007 7:02 PM  
Blogger Diva Dee says...

bluepaintred - I'm the only one with the ability to delete comments, and the only comments I've deleted are the ones where people are asking us to review them by commenting, instead of just emailing like the instructions tell them to.

Maybe you should check to make sure it is confirming that the comment is posted. Blogger is fucked that way...

5/29/2007 8:41 AM  

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