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Thursday, February 22, 2007
Whatever Blows my Skirt...
Whatever Blows my Skirt - but is she wearing underwear? That is the million dollar question.

First Impression:
Shades of green, soothing, great header pic... it's promising! So far so good.

Template: See above. They say green is the most soothing color on the eyes, that is why pool tables and poker tables are generally green. Well, that is what I was told eons ago anyway. So, a greenish template like this makes me happy. There is an entire psychology in the use of color but I can't recall what emotions the color green brings out. But who cares, right? Anyway, the sidebar starts out so great; the artistic fonts of the categories, the cleanliness and organization is wonderful. Then, we soon discover she's a "gadget girl". We all know those gadget girls don't we? They are easily identified by the weather pixies and buttons galore in their sidebars. However, gadget girls need love too. Being a gadget whore does NOT make a blogger any less of a person. It's the TYPE of and USE of the gadgets that is important. This particular gadget girl has fairly cool gadgets. Well, ok, the weather pixie is not cool but I'm letting that slide because the rest of her template, sidebar and gadgets are ok. Furthermore, her gadgets are well organized for the most part and don't produce an insane amount of clutter. I know this because my anal retentive ass is not hanging a rope from my ceiling in preparation for my own hanging because I can't stand the clutter of her sidebar. On the contrary.... I'm perfectly fine with it.

Content: I am slightly annoyed by the color and font of the body but that's only because it doesn't quite match the theme of the template and it's so basic. However, with this color scheme, black is probably the only text color that would work. Maybe a new font would help. I just don't have any suggestions because I myself would have to play around with it until I found something that worked. But, it's a minor distraction and nothing I'm deducting points for. As for the actual content, she is a mom that has been through quite a few trials and is building a new life for her and her son. Gotta give her props for that! And you know what the coolest thing about her is.....she is NOT annoying!! Yes, she's a mommy blogger, dealing with hardships but she doesn't annoy the piss out of you! She's actually upbeat for the most part, doesn't partake in self pity, uses the word FUCK once in a while and she doesn't talk about the color of her son's daily poops! More props! Her latest post was quite funny but I must say the following things... Heroes rocks and is the best show ever... period. Owen Wilson is in DIRE need of a nose job and I didn't know Kate split from Black Crowes Hubby. Where have I been? And finally, Rob and Amber are the coolest and I have loved them since their FIRST stints on Survivor. They are my heroes. That is all.

In Summation: Great template, simple and jovial content, she seems like a very very nice person and one that would be fun to hang out with and I will definitely go back to keep up with her. I'm not exactly ok with her condemnation of Heroes and her use of the word "crap" in describing the show, but I will do my best to overlook that. Something has to be said for her 33rd place ranking and having over 24,000 visitors, right? Don't think I don't notice those things... obviously people like her! And, I can see why.

Rating 7 out of 10


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Blogger Blonde Chick says...

I love the template... and I agree about the weather pixie. I used to have one of those too, and then i wondered why anyone would care what the weather is where I'm at?????

This is an awesome blog!

2/22/2007 1:02 PM  
Blogger EC says...

Awww thanks Ruby Lou, I appreciate the good review! I didn't know people had so much against a weather pixie. I think I'll be taking that off real quick :)

Thanks Blonde, I'm glad you like it too!

2/22/2007 1:07 PM  
Blogger RubyLou says...

hey it's just my opinion... there are plenty of bloggers that love their little weather pixie... to each their own. If YOU like it... keep it! i'm certainly not a goddess of blogs therefore what i say is not gold... not ALL the time anyway:)

2/22/2007 4:38 PM  
Blogger stephanie says...

EC Rocks!! Love her blog, and the fact that she makes lemonade outta lemons.

What's not to love? :)

2/22/2007 5:36 PM  
Blogger Whisky says...

I was scaaaaaared to look at this blog at the mention of Heroes! I thought it might go into details about episodes. We only had the first two shows in the uk this week and I am hooked!! But I plucked up the courage, phew!

I love her writing, but when I got to the hiccup post, they haven't tried my trick! Try to "catch" the hiccups. As in one person stands in front of the huccup-"er" with hands outstreched and says they will catch the next one. I do this with my nieces and it works every time!!

Yes I'm rambling again.....but I loved the blog :)




2/23/2007 9:18 AM  

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