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Sunday, April 15, 2007
RAWR! The Blue Panther Experience (and other things)
Son of a bitch! I was feeling all organized and shit, waiting to have my morning coffee before sitting down to do my reviews. I got all situated, french vanilla creamer in my coffee, comfy chair, multiple browsers ready to open sites with the click of my mouse.

I started typing the review of The Blue Panther Experience (and other things) and was at least halfway through it. In my haste to answer an annoying-as-fuck ringing phone, I knocked over the steaming hot french vanilla cup of wakey-wakey-caffeine-goodness. While crying over spilt milk HOT COFFEE, I jumped up, knocked my keyboard, and lost the review I had so painstakingly written. I frantically started clicking on stuff, not worrying at all about the second-degree burns currently happening on my gorgeous Diva-licious thighs. It was all in vain, because my review was gone. Gone!!!

*sigh* Now that I have recovered, gotten a new cup of coffee and changed clothes, I am ready to roll.

Template: Well, it's got a panther. And that panther is blue. Yeah, that's the ticket. This blog has got color. That color is blue, and there is lots of it. It has the usual stuff-- previous posts, archives, and miscellaneous other little goodies like his site meter and shit. I was happy to see a link to "View His Complete Profile" because I wanted to know a little more about how the blog got its name, how it began, and why the panther is so blue. Is it sad? Nope, it's really just colored blue. So you can see how disappointed I was to click on the link, thinking I would find out the juicy info as to how this blogger came to be. Yet all it did was show me the same freaky picture as his site does, with a link back to his site. Hmmmmph. Maybe I'll check through some of the archives to see what this cat is all about.

Content: Back to the beginning. The blog just starts up out of the blue. (Blue... get it? God, I crack myself up.) No explanation as to why he started blogging, he just starts right up and thats it. I start paging through the archives, and FINALLY see a post titled "ABOUT ME" and I start jumping for joy because I think I've discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Then I realize I'm in jepoardy of looking even more blonde and spilling yet another cup of coffee, so I calmly sit back down and take a gander at the post.

About Me? More like about everyone BUT him. He talks about a couple books, several movies, and Friends. Yes, the TV show. WTF? Nothing about him that I can see. After reading through more of the archives and seeing lots of "Blog Your Blessings" posts and fluff posts, I don't see where this blog is going. I guess the dude wants to be a writer but I don't see it. I'm bored to tears, and I myself am starting to feel a little blue.

In addition to that, he apparently wants to do whatever it takes to get traffic to his site. This guy is EVERYWHERE. I used to laugh when I'd see him in the Blog Explosion "Shout Box" because he seemed to do whatever it took to get his blog plastered everywhere. Based on my personal experience, I have noticed him in loads of Blog Battles on Blog Explosion and he seems to actually be getting nominated for various blogging awards and such. But the funny thing is, regarding one blog award in particular... HE NOMINATED HIMSELF! He said "without waiting for anyone to nominate me, I went ahead and nominated this blog"... WHAT?!?!?!?! Why do you think you weren't nominated? And in the ENTERTAINMENT category? I'm totally corn-fused.

Damn, I don't know why all you fuckers haven't nominated me for anything yet.   So, without waiting for anyone to nominate me, I went ahead and nominated myself for President. Because I'm the shit, I'm Diva Dee for gods sake, and I deserve it right? For sure. I'm not waiting on all you people to nominate me, because it's just a given I'd be perfect for the job.

With that being said-- yeah, back to him nominating himself. *giggle* *snort* I think I snorted a little bit of coffee out of my nose when I read that post, so now I must take a break and grab a Kleenex before I add "burned nose hairs" to my list of today's injuries.

Clutter, etc: I'm still laughing over the "I nominated myself" shit.

Would I Return?
If I had a choice, the answer would be NO. But since I can't go anywhere in the internet world without this blog turning up like a bad penny, I must admit I probably will be forced to see read him again at some point in the future.

Rating: 1 (Sorry, but the nominating yourself thing was too much for me)


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Blogger ALRO says...

spilling caffeine goodness does SUCK....

4/16/2007 10:17 AM  

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