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Friday, July 20, 2007
Off the Vine

Blog Being Reviewed: OFF THE VINE
Reviewed By: Naughty Nina

At First Glance: Holy Blackness Batman! Black with blinding white writing and a great big white google ad smack dab in the middle of the page. Yuck – I already want to leave.

Template/Design: It’s really hard to read the white font against the black background. When you take your eyes away you see white spots and swirls dancing around…kinda like when you’re on acid but without the acid. This site looks like it’s still in progress too - the “about me” section is completely empty – from the few posts I could bear to read, I’m guessing the writer is a 35ish Australian female who loathes pedophiles and lives in France with a couple of kids – but I could be wrong because she doesn't have a profile section. Her sidebar is pretty empty too – there are sections there for comments, categories, blogroll etc…but they're all empty.

Content: Her archives only go back to February 07 and her most recent post was June 18th. That annoyed me from the get-go and I would have hit the road right there if I were just a roaming visitor. Helloooo… if you’re a blogger who wants to be reviewed by people who love reading blogs you should probably write a little more often. And is something interesting or funny too much to ask? The posts here sound like telephone conversations with your mother that you’d only half listen to while you’re at the kitchen table clipping your toenails and reading the paper… “uh huh, yah, mmm hmmm, right, ok”.

What would I change about this blog? Get rid of the black background and white writing. Get that great big google add off to the side bar and if you really want traffic to your blog and people to like it – get out there and do something fun or exciting in your life so you have some interesting content to share. You live in France for God's sake... aren't there any hot men there to blog about?

What is the best feature of this blog? Unfortunately, not much. I guess the blue accent color is nice.

Rating: 1 - (a) because I like electric blue (b) because she used the word “humdinger” in one of her posts and that made me giggle and (c) because I just can’t bring myself to give her a zero - I'm a biotch with a bleeding heart - go figure.


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