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Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Boobs & Blogs-- A Good Combo! *sticky post*
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We received this email from a past reviewee:

Hello ladies,

Awhile back you reviewed my site, Five Second Dance
, and I have a huge favor to ask of you. I know that you see a
lot of readers and you get a lot of traffic to your site. I was hoping that you
could help me out. If not, feel free to tell me to bug off, but it can't hurt to
ask, right?

I'm hosting a contest, a third version of a contest, called The
Blog-Off For Breast Cancer
and the funds raised are split between the
winner and funding my portion of Seattle's Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. I'm looking
for some more sites to flog the contest so that I can get as many entrants as
possible- it's a lot of fun and the previous two have been quite big successes.

If not, I completely understand, but if so, all the details are at my site
and also on a subdomain I've set up specifically for the contest - Thank you so much for at least taking the time to read this email and if
you're not willing to help, that's fine, too, I just thought I'd ask!

Thank you girls! -Courtney

If you're interested in blogging for a good cause, be sure to go check out her site.
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Anonymous courtney says...

Thank you so much!

8/08/2007 12:59 AM  

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