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Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Musings of a Chick

Blog Being Reviewed: Musings of a Chick
Reviewed By: Diva Dee

At First Glance: Based on the title of this blog, I was expecting something better.

Template/Design: Blogger template. BLAH. But since that seems to be the norm around here, I guess I need to find something else to bitch about. I had to check this site out in IE and in Opera, because in IE, the font is fucking HUGE. Pair that with a sidebar that goes on for miles, and we've got ourselves a monstrosity of a wreck here. I'll admit to being one of those rubberneckers that slows to down to check out an accident on the highway, which is why I feel compelled to stick around this blog. Just because I'm sure blood and fatalities will soon follow.

Why on God's green earth do bloggers feel it necessary to load up your sidebar with all this junk? There's lists, and then lists of lists. Buttons, blinkies, awards (hell, this gal has won awards?) It's too much clutter. Like I tell my kids: "You'd better get this shit cleaned up before your Dad gets home!!!"

Take some pride in your blog, girl! Tidy up around here, and move that shit to somewhere besides your home page. The archives are stuffed so far down in this hell hole of a sidebar, they were nearly impossible to find. I almost wish I hadn't found them at all. There's no "About Me" that I can find, except for describing herself based on a Frank Sinatra song. Sudiegirl, why not try desrcibing yourself in YOUR OWN WORDS?

Content: Oh my, this gal has been blogging for a long time. THREE YEARS? In blog-years, thats like a century. Maybe she should have stopped about 2.9 years ago, though. She has a real knack, though. A knack for quoting other people, linking to articles, and regurgitating news stories. What this blog LACKS is ORIGINAL writing, stuff just written by her. Oh its there, don't get me wrong-- but nothing I would choose to read if given the choice. This blog honestly reads like it was written by an 11-year old kid that forgot to take their Ritalin today. She very rarely gets through a post without going off on a tangent about something totally different.

Ritalin, my friend. Own it, love it. Don't forget to take it.

What is the first thing I would change about this blog? I could dig the knife in a little deeper and say 'Shut the fucker down' but I'll go ahead and be polite and say... Fix the template, and THEN shut the fucker down.

What is the best feature of this blog? Um, uh... *tapping my fingers while trying to think of something nice to say...

Sorry, I got nothin.'

Rating: 2


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Blogger Sudiegirl says...

Sorry you were disappointed.

However, I'm going to take your comments to heart and improve what I can.

Thanks for giving me a shot.

PS: I don't like ritalin.

8/07/2007 3:11 PM  
Blogger Wendz says...

Diva are on top form this week. The latest reviews have been unbelievably funny.

I have no idea why people submit their blogs to be appraised and possibly slashed to's just a darned blog and it's just for fun - but hell I am glad they do.

So Many Blogs, along with the Fugly girls, provide me with brilliant early morning entertainment.

Keep it up, ladies. You get better and better.

8/08/2007 1:11 AM  
Anonymous sudiegirl says...


This really didn't bother me like I thought it would.

I'm not sure why I submitted my blog to review...I guess it's nice to know I'm not working in a vacuum, and I have gotten some ideas for how to improve/clean-up.

You probably weren't looking for an answer, but you got one anyway...:-)

8/08/2007 6:21 AM  

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