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Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Things Mean A Lot

Blog Being Reviewed: Things Mean A Lot
Reviewed By: Diva Dee

At First Glance: Stainless Steel Droppings, Stuff As Dreams Are Made On, Novembrance, and now Things Mean A Lot... did y'all buddy up and submit your site at the same time? My head is spinning from too much knowledge at once. A blonde can only handle so much, ya know!

Template/Design: Finally a blogger that took the time to step away from the standard tired Blogger template, and venture out with a little of their own style. Too bad its the style of a 6 year old trying to dress in mommy's clothes. It's starting to resemble a MySpace page--- BUSY as all get out. Someone temporarily (like moi) stopping by doesn't know where the hell to look first. I have a sinking feeling that this blog would perfectly match the wallpaper and bedding that my daughter just picked out for her room. Hmmmm...

Moving on...the sidebars need to be cleaned up, and this is what I would suggest:

1. Create a separate post/link for your blogroll (or search Google on how to roll it up). 2. All the "reads" needs to be moved somewhere else, too. There is so much text in these sidebars, I am seriously overwhelmed. For example, put a link in the "About Me" section titled "Some of My Favorites." Then link it to ONE post which lists favorite short stories, favorite books, Authors, Music...
3. Change the text body of your posts to white or something lighter and different than the sidebars. Put the focus back on the WRITING.

Content: Her tagline says it all... "A place where I talk about books." Well, I'll be darned! At least she does have a theme, a plan, a guideline to tell us what she's going to be writing about.

Oh yes... the "Read More" link at the bottom of her posts. Joy, joy, joy. Just what I love to see. My mouse having to work even harder for me to read MORE about something I know nothing about, and probably never will.

Lord Have Mercy on my Diva soul... do I see some books that I've ACTUALLY READ? The Color Purple, To Kill A Mockingbird, Bridge to Terabithia-- the vice grip all you literary souls have put on my brain over the last several days is starting to loosen up a bit. I feel like I just gained a few IQ points here!

My dear, the content is good. You are a writer, and you are most definitely well-read. Like I told scary header graphic guy, I will not give you a low score simply because I have not read all of these books, and therefore have no freakin' CLUE what you are talking about. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, as I did with him, that you have read these books, and your opinion isn't full of hooey. IF I was someone more into reading something other than Chick Lit, I would probably love this blog and all the others we've previously reviewed. With that being said...

Rating: 7 - clean up your blog house, girl.


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Blogger Nymeth says...

Thank you for taking the time to review my blog. I understand that it must be hard to review blogs about things one isn't very interested in, and I appreciate it that you still made an effort. Also, thank you for offering some suggestions.

8/07/2007 4:00 PM  
Blogger Carl V. says...

I think its funny that all of us, who are internet friends, happened to find your site somewhere and submit around the same time without talking about it beforehand.

8/10/2007 12:56 AM  

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