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Friday, August 17, 2007
I know where you can find it

Blog Being Reviewed: I know where you can find it
Reviewed By: Naughty Nina

At First Glance: The really nice tag line in the header says ”Richer than I you can never be – I had a mother who read to me” OY! That totally put a lump in my throat and got me all verclemped…I must be pms’ing early this month so you’re in luck that I’m feelin’ sappy today.

Once again – first impressions matter A LOT in blogging people – I personally don’t like the header look or the immediate visual. But, I do know right away that she loves children and values nurturing education and peoples lives through reading. This gives a new reader a good tid-bit about what they’re gonna get in this box o’ chocolates. My guess is smooth, sweet and soft centered.

Template/Design: Again, I’m not crazy about the whole look here – it’s not ugly, but it’s not pizazzy enough for me either - and I don’t mean it needs disco balls or twinkly lights or anything like that (wait a minute…of course I mean it does!) but it just needs a little more flavour.

I loves me the two-column template. And this one’s got a great big post area and no distractions for my old-ass eyes to rest on and not go buggy from going side-to-side more than I want to when I read. She has a great “about me” section that tells us a lot about her and her personality and thus what we can expect from her writing - but sadly, it’s way too far down the side bar, as are her archives... under the (insert horrified gasp here) advertising and fluffy stuff. When will people ever learn?

Content: You know… I used to have this horrible habit of pre-judging a blogger by the number of comments they receive on their posts. If they don’t have a lot of comments I would ASSume that they don’t have a lot of readers and if they don’t have a lot of readers then they’re obviously not very good bloggers - was my line of thinking. But now that I’ve been reviewing blogs... I’ve totally changed that thought process.

This author doesn’t get a lot of comments and I have no idea how many readers she has... BUT she should have A DARN LOT OF THEM!

She’s a good writer and just a doll. And I want to be just like her when I’m in my fifties… she’s quirky, and funny and smart and kind. And happy. She knows a lot about a lot of stuff and soaks up what she doesn’t know like a sponge so she can add it to the list of things she does and then write cleverly and creatively about them.

I started with her most recent posts and went backwards and one post after another - I fell in total like with this special lady. If you’re looking for another good read to add to your blog roll, consider this one. She’s a refreshing and lovely person and you’ll get your giggle on, that lump in your throat and the light bulb over your head going too when you read the great variety of things she writes about.

What would I change about this blog: Content wise – nothing! Keep being your beautiful self and doing what you’re doing. It's “neato”.

Cosmetically though, I would change the color scheme to something a little hipper and bling out the décor a bit. Hire a professional decorator and get a better suited-to-you customized template that reflects your great personality, style and love of books. Or check out the links on our site for a free one! Who doesn’t like free? Who doesn’t like awesome? There’s no reason a woman who has love and passion for books, life, travelling and shoes like this lady does should have an unworthy template. And this one is not worthy of her fine self!

I strongly suggest that you move your about-me section up to the top of your left hand side bar too - so it (and the pretty shoe) are right there in our faces when we walk in the front door. Put the archives directly under that, send the fluff n’ stuff down south and you'll have as nice a template as you do a blog.

What is the best feature of this blog?: Definitely the content. Every last bit of it!

Rating: 9 – If you open up a weight watchers restaurant, I’ll change this to a TEN because that’s the best idea I’ve ever heard! Deal?


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Anonymous Diva Dee says...

As much as I dislike the 3-column templates, they are pretty much essential if you are a member of the "BlogHer Ads" network, which this particular blogger is. BlogHer has the author sign an agreement that their advertising must appear above the fold, and with so many pixels appearing in the top half of the blog. That's how they make their moolah...LOL

She might want to look into using the $$ from the ads to get her a new template... 3-column templates don't HAVE TO BE OVERWHELMING... but you're right, 2 columns are preferrable.

8/17/2007 2:59 PM  
Anonymous Naughty Nina says...

My bad! I didn't know that about BlogHer, thanks for the education there Dee.

8/17/2007 3:39 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Who says...

Thanks so much for your kind review. I enjoy writing my blog and am thrilled when others think something I have written is funny, moving or thought-provoking. My daughter is a graphic designer so I guess I will be tapping her ability to get me a new header. Thanks for the advice.

8/18/2007 2:11 PM  

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