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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
An Editorial Of Life
I hadn't checked this blog out until it came time to review it. A title like "An Editorial Of Life" led me to believe that it would be full of thought-provoking essays, an endless supply of witty prose. Then I thought to myself, what was it that she said in her email when she submitted her site? I can't remember... oh yeah, here it is:

BlogWhore has left a new comment on your post
Who Wants To Be Our First?":

slap me, please. go ahead, take a shot. it might gain me some new traffic, maybe a few new visitors for your site. i think i'm going to regret this.

So, then I figured it would be a blog full of thought-provoking essays--but written by a "Blog Whore" who happens to also dabble a bit in S&M and bondage. Interesting.

I suppose I should just click on the link and start reading? Maybe take a chance at possibly getting tied up and tickled with a feather?

Ok, I'm supposed to be reviewing her blog-- here goes:

My first impression... An Editorial Of Life with a picture of BABY SNEAKERS on the header! NOW I know what it's going to be about! An Editorial of (Her Kid's) Life---not life in general.

"About the Author", according to her:
I am a twenty-something, new mother to an exuberant daughter, Maizie,and happily married to Joe. We live in rural Wisconsin in our new home that is more work than its worth. I work semi-part-time in government administration (licking stamps and collating); a gigantic step-down after five ambitious years in sales and marketing management. My hobbies include showering, going to the bathroom alone with the door shut and sleeping more than eight hours. No really, I enjoy the basics; tasty food, cheap wine, a book to escape and something inspiring to listen to.

Which leaves me wondering, are we related? Do we come from the same womb? Tasty food, cheap wine, and a book to escape? SISTAH we are so much alike!

Template: Interesting choice of titles. Maybe a better title would be "Mommies Are People, Too!" which happens to be probably my most favorite post in this blog. So, back to the template... it's white and burgundy. That's it. Period. End of story. Nothing to write home about, but its not giving me a headache either. It's just OK.

Content: As I've said before, a blog that can make me laugh out loud, especially if it involves projecting some kind of liquid out of my nose, ranks pretty damn high in my book. If you're looking for a FUNNY insight into this mom's life, you can pretty much any month in her archives, and get to reading! This girl has been through it all-- moving to a new house, having a baby, getting hit by Hurricane Katrina. She works, she runs her household, she obviously has a few other blogs from the sounds of it. I laughed with her, a few times I laughed at her, and I sympathized with her through her ultrasounds and other happenings in her life. She's a cool chick, and a force to be reckoned with.

FYI, your daughter is adorable!

Navigation: Why do we have this category? There's never much to report here. Note to self: Re-think the categories, because "Navigation" is fucking BO-ring.

Clutter: Nothing to speak of. A blogroll, past posts, archives that could stand a good shortening up of some sort, and some other minuscule things. A book I assume she's reading, a CD I assume she's jamming to now, and that's about it.

Would I Return? Yes, I will. I hate to sound like a broken record, and we've said this before. But this gal is someone that I could go sit and have a drink with, cheap wine or not--probably shooting said wine out of my nose, but that's just an excuse for me to refill my glass and sit and chat some more.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (the template is just not doing it for me)


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Blogger BlogWhore says...

i am not attempting suicide. sweet.

funny, i was thinking of renaming my blog "mommies are people, too."

2/20/2007 10:54 AM  

Ah! Another great blog I found through these reviews. LOVE her style of writing, and any mom that flips her child the bird and uses the phrase "clit piercings" is a mom I want to emulate when I have kids.

2/20/2007 11:14 AM  

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