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Wednesday, February 7, 2007
My So-Called Supermom life
Template: I won't complain about it, even though it's a standard blogger template, because it happens to be one of their nicer standard templates. Ok, fine, I'll say it... I like this standard blogger template. There, happy? Moving on...

Sidebar: Someone please get me a broom and a dustpan because I'm gonna need it! I hate clutter. Sidebars need to be simple and clear... thank GOD there are no ads (except for whatever that Babycenter thing is at the bottom of the sidebar) and it's not a mile and a half long, but it definitely needs to be cleaned up. There is no flow and clear separation of categories like... "Blogs I Read", "Offsite Links" or "Archives", for example. I'm OCD, help a girl out and clean it up! Shorten your "category titles" and organize it better. And, for the record, your archives are rolled up so that's nice and all, but the alignment is off and the drop down menu is too wide for your sidebar. That needs to be fixed. I checked it in FireFox and IE and it's the same. I could care less what it looks like in all the other browsers out there because I don't use them. An easy fix would be to get rid of the title "All the past posts... good bad..." Don't be so damn wordy! "Archives" works JUST fine. KISS = Keep it simple silly! Ok, so it's really keep it simple stupid, but I'm not calling her stupid. That's just mean.

Content: Yaaawwwwwwn! Really, I just yawned. But seriously, it's just not all that exciting. With that said though, if I'm not laughing my ass off or crying my eyes out, I'm bored. I'm difficult to please. However, boring is not always a bad thing. Really! It's not! She does have a lot on her plate with her sick husband, toddler and working so blogging about it probably gives her a great outlet. Honestly, she would be a friend of mine! I can just tell. She writes sweetly and her love for life really shows through. You don't have to write like a Erma Bombeck to keep me coming back. Her typos are minimal (but people, really, is it too hard to proof read before hitting that publish button?) which is always a plus because typos result in me screaming and ripping my hair out. All in all, the content is fine but it drags. That doesn't make it a bad blog at all, it's just geared more for family and friends. No harm in that. I went back as far as I could in the ARCHIVES (please... call them something like that instead of "All the Past Posts...") until freaking Google started hicupping and wouldn't let me see any more older posts.

In summation: Hubby, lose the beard. The fish should be called Napolean and Wanda and your daughter is gorgeous.

Rating 5 out of 10


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Blogger Diva Dee says...

I've seen this blogs many times before, and its pretty good.

And yes, she does just seem like someone you'd want to be friends with, doesn't she?

2/08/2007 10:38 AM  
Blogger So-Called Supermom says...

Thanks ladies! I will take my 5 out of 10 and smile!!!! :)

2/12/2007 7:53 PM  

You are absolutely right! She's very down to earth and conversational in her writing. That says quite a bit in and of itself!

3/01/2007 6:56 PM  

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