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Friday, April 27, 2007
Just Another Quick Question
JAQQ2 is a sequel blog, so already I know the first one must have been popular, but the question remains as to why they started a sequel blog after they retired the first blog?? I guess I should find out huh?

Template - Well, the header fits the blog I suppose - A big ole' question mark at the top. I like the font, the colors are easy on the eyes, and it is relatively soothing. I suppose that you could read into it, that is relatively boring also, but I'll let you make your own judgement. The sidebar is nice organized, and for the most part it is "okay". There is no wow factor here, none whatsoever, but it is "okay".

Content - Well I have to admit I got kind of sucked into the questions. They are meant to thought provoking, and unless you are like some people without a brain (Britney Spears, and Sanjaya), you will most likely stop to think about your answer. Granted, I did not ponder for long, but it was enough to say "Hey I would do this, or that".

There was one particular one on the first page that I have yet to come up with an answer for -

What I want to know is... If you could pick an "entrance" song, what would it be? Do you get me? A song that you'd play as you enter a room.

I think it is a pretty fascinating question actually! For me I was considering "Chic" by Le Freak, but all in all, I'm not sure I'm very "Chic" although I would like to be in my next life.

Anyhoo... check it out, at the very least it can give you something to talk about for a minute or two.

In Summation - Well, it's okay. Conversation piece - yes? Blog I would run to every day as soon as I wake up? No

Rating - 5 out of 10


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Blogger Becky L says...

Reading the review, I was not prepared to see a 5 out ot 10.

You had nothing really negative to say. The colors [though can be considered 'boring'] you thought were soothing. We have a large # of readers. The sidebar was free of clutter. You got sucked into the questions and found one especially fascinating...

Why the hell just a five?

I notice that this review is way past-due. Were you in such a rush that you didnt fully check it out? Did you not look past the first page? Our first post ever explains why this is a sequel blog... Under our profiles we have pictures and lots of other things about us. So many things that your blog says is so important, we have!

I really don't get it. I know I sound bitchy, but I'm really feeling it. Scoring from this blog is completely inconsistent.

Now you're gonna hate JAQQ2 even more, but oh well.

4/27/2007 11:16 AM  
Blogger Diva Dee says...

First of all every reviewer is going to have their own style, and aren't going to all agree on how each blog should be rated.

But in this case, I agree with her. The template was OK, the colors were OK, the content was OK... nothing really sparked my interest, to be honest. A lot of us write personal blog posts and then at the end pose a question to our readers... "What do you think? What would you have done?" but hell, I don't write a whole blog about it.

So everything was merely OK, middle of the road... nothing spectacular, so you got a middle of the road score. I might have given it less than a 5. But thats just me.

What score were you expecting?

4/27/2007 11:38 AM  

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