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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Let's Talk

Let's Talk

Plain but acceptable. The header picture is a heavily pixelated and distorted fragment of Michelangelo's treasured painting from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He claims to be a computer geek so I would expect him to be able to display a masterpiece like this in a better manner. The rest of the colors are easy on the eyes but anti-climactic.

Content - Well, I don't like to pick on someone who served our country, so let me say this first: Whether you served in war-time or not, whether you fought in the front lines in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bosnia or even Vietnam (your age isn't clear) or whether you worked in a cozy office on a base in Nebraska, thank you. Thank you for choosing to enlist knowing there was always a chance that you could see a war and might have to sacrifice your life if necessary. No matter if you fought for this country or not, joining the military is a sacrifice and an honor, regardless.

Now, as for the blog... it's a political blog with some health thrown into the mix, at least in the early days of it's existence. Interesting mix of content. I think most of the recent posts are all political though. Fun...a blog about hating President Bush and everything that is wrong with this country. Number one, I hate politics. I am not going to delve into those reasons right now because it's not about me, it's about this man's blog. Number two, I hate reading political blogs, because of reason number one. However, this needs to be objective and fair. So, it doesn't matter what side of the political fence he is on and the fact that he spews his opinions in a blog. It's the fact that his grammar sucks and he uses random commas in odd places which drives me insane!!! I don't care what you are writing about, have some pride in your work and try to be correct! It's not what you are saying, it's how it's being written. Obviously, political blogs are only for a select group of people and much like "mommybloggers" they stick to their own kind. Call it a modern caste system of blogging... but it's not forced. I am not part of the political blog caste system and even if I were I don't think I would really pay much attention to this particular blog. It just doesn't stand out.

Sidebar - The sidebar is ok but the archives are too long. They need to be rolled up or at least utilize the format that is in his other blog... using the months instead of dates. It will shorten it substantially.

In Summation - Blah Blah Blah.

Rating - 3 out of 10 - 3 points for effort


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Thank you for the review.

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