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Thursday, April 26, 2007
Bi Any Other Name
So, we can all pretty much guess a little about this blogger simply "bi" the title...right?

Template: It's decent. Good color scheme, the picture is nice. But I will admit I truly dislike the diagonal banners put on blogs... basically all that tells me is that you have too much shit in your sidebar, so you plaster a few more things on the corner of your site so it doesn't get lost in the mix. Here's a hint, why not just delete half the crap-ola off your sidebar, and call it a day?

Content: Song lyrics, blurbs about what she ate, who she talked to, and it all adds up to fluff. Pure fluff. Argh, I feel like I am sitting in the middle of one of my daughter's slumber parties, and they are all sitting in a cirlce texting each other teenager jargon I will never quite understand. It is the seventh circle of hell. Bad thing, I really don't think this blogger's a teenager. I think that makes it even scarier.

Clutter: jeez-US! Is this a blog or a teenager's MySpace page? Good Lord, look at all the shit we've got on this page! What She's Reading, What She's Listening To... and a million tiny buttons, pictures, shoutboxes... I really hate this blog. That sums up my opinion on this fine rainy morning. I. Hate. It. --- fuck!

Would I Return? No. Period.

Rating: 1 (simply for the colors and the template - everything else sucked.)


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Anonymous Anonymous says...

I don't mean to be forward, but... two of the blogs on the waiting list were skipped. Will they be reviewed at some point?

4/26/2007 9:17 AM  

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