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Friday, April 20, 2007
Peter Porcupine
My brain hurts today... *sigh*

Let's end my week with a bang, shall we? Anyone up for a political blog?

Then, feast your eyes on Peter Porcupine, the latest blog to grace my list of reviews. Apparently, we are going to review the blog of a dead porcupine. Seriously though, Peter Porcupine is the pseudonym of William Cobbett, a journalist in early America. Interesting. (and yes, I had to look it up. WTF-ever!)

Template: Again, boring blogger template. *yawn* Neutral colors, khaki, green, brown. *sigh*

...feeling sleepy...

...must nap...


HUH-WHAT THE--- did I just doze off?

Sidebar: Totally a jacked-up cluttered ball of crazy.

But, let me get this off my chest first:
I am nerdier than 66% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Back to the sidebar-- TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH! Blogrolls, categories, and all sorts of mumbo-jumbo are cluttering up this blog to no end. And the "Gaggle" cartoon screws up your sidebar, making it and everything below it fall to the bottom of your page. Maybe you want it that way, but it doesn't mesh well with your layout. Fix it. NOW.

Your blogrolling blogroll needs to be shortened, and you can do that by Googling "roll-up blogroll" or something similar, and finding the code necessary to do that. Or give the blogroll its own post, and link only that page on your sidebar. Otherwise, your sidebar drags on for miles. Miles longer than your wordy posts. You could probably do the same for your "About Me" section... too long, I'm afraid. Put it in a separate post and link to it on your sidebar.

Content: It's OK. I'm not normally one interested in political debate, and I believe campaign commercials should be banned until 90 days before the election. We have a year and a half before the next presidential election, and I'm already tired of all of them. I vote to stick them all in a room together and let them listen to each other talk... They'll eventually kill each other off, and the last one standing gets to be President.

Although I don't give a hoot about politics, I do find some of the posts interesting. Many of them bore the shit outta me, but there are a few posts in there worth reading. But once again, many of them were over my head. And I ain't too proud to admit that tidbit of information to you all. If I was more active in politics or followed it more closely, I might like this blog a little more.

Would I Return: Probably not. But I can see this blog has its niche in the blog-o-sphere, and just needs some more readers to find it. There's people out there that would love this blog, so check it out for yourself.

Rating: 6 -- Mostly because the template and the content stay true to the purpose of the blog.

What do you think?


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Anonymous Anonymous says...

I just have to say... I'm really surprised by his score. It is true that his posts stay true to his purpose. But template is just blah, and the sidebar is one of the worst I've ever seen! I view blogs before I read your review, and I guess what the score will be. I was guessing 3!

4/20/2007 9:21 PM  
Blogger Asara says...

Ooooohhhhh, thanks for the quiz :) I got a 93! I always knew I was a nerd, it's nice to have that confirmed.

As for the blog, I stay faaar away from politics, and this one just confirms that the impulse is a good one. Just looking at it makes me sleepy. It also bothers me that he talks about himself in the third person. And in green italics, no less.

4/21/2007 6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous says...

I'm surprised at the 6.

His entry about Cho Seung-Hui made me SO MAD! He was making fun of NBC for releasing the video and pictures that the kid wrote... but then he himself posted the pictures on his blog.

He's a hypocrite

4/22/2007 3:29 PM  
Anonymous chase says...

Well I dunno I find the blog okay but not my cup of tea.

4/23/2007 11:38 AM  
Anonymous Jenn says...

Are there no reviews this week?

4/25/2007 3:06 PM  

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