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Thursday, May 31, 2007
Malnurtured Snay

Blog Being Reviewed:
Malnurtured Snay
Reviewed By: Chatty Chicka

At First Glance: It's red.... really, really, red. And it's a red I don't like. Blood, it looks like blood. I gotta tell you, I'm getting sort of nauseous just looking at it. Deep breathe.... in with the good air... out with the blood, er.. I mean bad...

I'm not diggin' so much on the header, but mainly because I don't understand it. And of course, there's all that red... While I'm at it, I hate dark blogs with white fonts. It's hard to read, and "hard to read"="I'm not gonna read much." Let me stop here and say the blog is not ugly. It's well laid out and neat. The sidebar is uncluttered and archives are easy to find. The look just doesn't appeal to me, personally.

This is where my love/hate relationship with this blog begins. Or, maybe not love/hate, maybe it's more a "Dear Jesus, could you write any MORE about Star Wars or Politics"/"Oh my heck, that was fucking hilarious!" relationship. This guy writes really well. Some of it is hilarious. Some of it was very interesting. Most of it bored the complete and utter fuck out of me. Again, my own opinion. I would say check out his blog, it's worth at least a half hour or so of your time. Then make your own decision.

A couple of things I liked:
1. He says "fuck" a lot. Hee. That's always a good way to get my attention.
2. He can be very sarcastic, which of course, makes Chicka go, "Yay!"

A couple of things I didn't like:
1. He has a "Donate" button at the top of his sidebar. Dude, very, very uncool.
2. He links to about a gazillion things in his posts. I lost interest pretty quickly with all the going hither and yon.
3. I don't have a clue about his identity. I searched to try to find out his age... He's not VERY young, nor is he VERY old... other than that? Who knows? I'm all about privacy (hello? my name is not really Chicka) but I'd like to at least know a LITTLE about the person whose blog I am reading.

What is the first thing I would change about this blog?
The red background, and the white font color. And seriously, the "Donate" button.

What is the best feature of this blog?
The writing. Absolutely. He's well educated, and even the boring shit is well written.

Rating: 7
I was gonna give it a 7.5, but I'm completely repelled by the "Donate Button".


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Blogger Malnurtured Snay says...

Hey, I'm a poor just-barely-ex-college student :)

Thanks for the review!

5/31/2007 5:38 AM  
Blogger Chatty Chicka says...

You're quite welcome!

5/31/2007 5:39 AM  

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