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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Feed Me Bubbe

Blog Being Reviewed: Feed Me Bubbe
Reviewed By: Sexy Simone


At First Glance: I'm not Jewish but I dated someone for 8 years who was, and I loved his Bubbe - so already it's looking good... except for the next section :)

Template/Design: NO NO NO NO NO!! Haven't you people learned anything? If you are going to have a standard blogger template, do not have the very ugliest one possible. I just won't be giving you a good rating! Can't we understand that yet? WHY must you do this to me? The colors, the sidebar, the links... everything just sucks! Man, why must you ruin my night night like this??

Content: It's like one big fucking advertisement with a few posts thrown in for good measure. There is like what 25 posts this year? And 20 last year? I hardly would even consider that enough for a review... but since I'm already here. If it wasn't for Bubbe and her funny videos I wouldn't even bother. Just make the whole blog a video of her and call it a day. Other than that - blah! I can't tell if it is a food blog, or a blog to sell shit. Either way, I love Bubbe.

What is the best feature of this blog? The only thing good about this blog is Bubbe - she is so freaking cute I could kiss her!

Rating: 2 - only for Bubbe


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awesome thank you. Bubbe is the key to this whole thing preserving tradition and memories. Never even thought about the layout of the template, and it was overlooked. We just found a template that is just blank. Hopefully this will help things out more. Plus we took most of the extras and placed it under the content area to lessen the clutter. Thank you so much! Bubbe is so happy that you enjoyed her videos!

6/28/2007 9:10 AM  

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