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Friday, July 27, 2007
Cool Kids Party

Blog Being Reviewed: Cool Kids Party
Reviewed By: Naughty Nina

At First Glance: A website dedicated to great party ideas for the young and the young once. Well, I was really hoping for something on treating vaginal warts or do-it-yourself colonoscopies but I guess I’ll have to roll with the party planning theme here.

Template/Design: The template’s nothing special as far a colour, banner and graphics go…it’s kind of whatever. But I do like the great big post section on the one side and everything else on the left – because it’s not overly cluttered. Her archives are WAY too far at the bottom though - I had to travel all the way through a long list of “upcoming birthdays”, her blogroll and the “cute kid of the month” section (which would be kind of creepy if this weren’t a children dedicated site) to get there.

Content: The author’s bio reads like a mission statement for the Care Bears written by Grandma Bear about life, fun and all that sparkles in the wonderful land of Care-A-Lot. She’s a Philippino grandmother who loves children and her family and parties and kid’s stuff. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but I think I just don’t dig the content because there’s a huge cultural difference between Western and Asian ideas of what’s fun and interesting, informative and educational... and nothing of what I read held any of my interest.

What is the one thing I would change about this blog? Move the archives up to the top where they’re more easily findable and update the Bio to include where the author is from and a little bit more about herself.

What is the best feature of this blog? The author’s positive outlook on life and her desire to create a space on the net that’s all about happiness, fun, good times and the joy of children.

Rating: 2


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