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Friday, August 3, 2007
Everything and Nothing

Blog Being Reviewed: Everything and Nothing
Reviewed By: Naughty Nina

At First Glance: Before or after I got totally busted for blogging at work because there’s MUSIC on this blog and my speakers started blaring Savage Garden?

After that? Well Pink & purple are my favourite colors so I'll forgive the damn music. Great big ginormous (but really pretty) banner – so she's still on my good side at this point. Then there’s probably the longest side bar on the entire world wide web – I kid you not - loaded with awards, pictures, ads and other random stuff all in the wrong order – or no order at all – Yuck! Yuck and Holy Shit Yuck!

Oh well, so much for the thought of my very first good first impression. Better luck next time Nina!

Template/Design: Standard blogger two column template – which is totally enough in this case because if there was another one it would be loaded up with the rest of her awards and all the other cutsie things she didn’t have room to put on the first one.

There’s just WAY too much partying going-on on the side bar for me. Her “about me” and “archives” are completely lost somewhere in the middle of it all and I got annoyed (and dizzy) scrolling up and down trying to find them while her butterfly cursor, cute as it is, drove me nuts.

Content: Here’s the thing…this blog is written by a very nice British lady and her daily posts are well, very nice. But they’re a little - meh – dull for me. It could be the difference in culture here as well though as Brits have a different speaking style and carry themselves differently than North Americans. It’s not that she’s overly proper or anything like that but I would have enjoyed a few cuss words here and there and some cheeky humour in some of her posts. That’s just me though - she appears to have a lot of readers by the number of comments she gets so she must have somewhat of a following. She has several kids and a crap load of grandkids, and she travels, so there’s lots of posts about family and her adventures in traveling. Again, they're just - nice. She did write a thoughtful and moving biography of her grandmother and she’s links to it on her site - the intro made me cry, and I love a good cry.

What would I change about this blog: I would totally re-arrange the craziness on the side bar and send ALL those gay awards and pictures packing! That’s just me though… the author is very proud of them and so happy to get them, so she probably won’t remove them and that’s ok.

I would also continue to respond to all your comments as well, but do it at the end of each day in one comment rather than answer each one individually and take up the whole comment section with your own responses. That way your readers can come back the next day and see what you answered to theirs without having to read through the entire lot.

What is the best feature of this blog? The author is a sweet person and writes about her nice happy life – who can argue with or dis that? She’s positive and upbeat and those are great qualities in a world where people would rather just bitch and be negative. She posts nice play-by-plays and pictures from her vacations too – check out the “skinned chicken” towel sculpture she made for her hotel maids on this post… Do you see a chicken? I see double ended vagina. I'm just sayin'.

Rating: 5.5 – Because it’s not crappy, not awesome – it’s just nice.


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Blogger Akelamalu says...

Thanks for the review. Of course I don't agree with anything you say apart from the nice things of course! Your readers should come and find out for themselves. :)

8/03/2007 8:03 AM  

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