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Sunday, July 29, 2007
Everyday Wear - Maybe.........

Blog Being Reviewed: Everyday Wear
Reviewed By: Lexis Eldorado

At First Glance: Hmm, where are the clothes?

Template/Design: 157 Blog Categories!!?! Does no thought process overlap? Does every thought require it's own category?! I'm just not liking the template. There's just too much going on on the sidebar and the color needs to go. Sorry.

Content: Ok, ain't no clothes to be found, so I suggest the Title be changed and you jack our title cause this woman has a TON of blogs! THIS ONE and THIS ONE and THIS ONE and OH THIS ONE

Her entire family has welded themselves to the computer Her Daughter has a site which is really cute for girls. Her son has a blog as well. And guess what they actually have a life as well!! I am wore out just on peeking around fuck content.

Ok, Ok, the blog she submitted is quite frankly boring. She is a teacher and she talks about all things teacher. If you have a child and they are a student who has a teacher then you will find some good information. I have decided to bunk this review and review the blog I found interesting, lol lol

Blog Being Reviewed: Off Beat Mom
By: Lexis Eldorado

At First Glance: is not so sterile, it's got ketchup stains and bumps and bruises. Doesn't even look like the same person. They told me that Teaching can drive you to drink, especially todays kids - and I'm happy to say this is her with a Vodka tonic in one hand and a Tequila Sunrise in the other.

Template/Design: Love the header but it's wasted on a template that doesn't support it. Such an edgy header should have something else holding it up.

Content: Ok, this content has some life to it. I can see the blood pumping. She's intelligent to a fault (that's a compliment) but sometimes she let's it all go - cause like I said them idiots called our kids can do that to yah. One of my favorites happen right off the bat - HOW CAN A WOMAN WHO APPARENTLY HAS A COMPUTER IN THE BED WITH HER NOT WANT A CELL PHONE?! LOL LOL LOL. It seems as if it takes all of these blogs to capture this woman. She's taken the blogsphere and decided to record every freaking thought she has about every freaking subject. I am wore out - just wore out!

What is the first thing I would change about this blog? The template

What is the best feature of this blog? I guess there's something to be said for big brains - she ought to sleep peacefully at night because she unloads that bad boy on the daily.

Rating: 7 I give the blog she asked us to review a 2, because it is so generic, no flava at all unless you look at the My Family category.


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Thanks ladies! Any review, good or bad, is still publicity. Thanks for the ride! I did expect 'em all.LOL

8/12/2007 2:49 AM  

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