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Monday, August 20, 2007
Hahn At Home

Blog Being Reviewed: Hahn At Home
Reviewed By: Diva Dee

At First Glance: OK, I'm cheating on this one-- I'm writing my "At First Glance" after I've already read through her site. I heart her.

Template/Design: It's not obnoxious, it's not cluttered. It's simple, easy to navigate, and it is HER. She stuffed all her buttons and junk down WAY at the bottom below the huge post area. She's given herself plenty of room to write, making it easy to read. The only thing her sidebar is sadly missing is her ARCHIVES. Those are stuck at the bottom of the page with her buttons and her "Read my profile" link... Move that stuff where we can see it, at least above the fold, and this template would be perfection.

*Edited to add*: When she submitted her site to us, she did make note of the fact that the platform she uses to blog does not allow her to move the archives, nor is she able to make changes to the sidebar. Methinks its time to search for a new place to blog, so you can express yourself through your template as well as you do through your writing.

Content: I'm not sure why upon opening her page, her posts are prefaced with "Blogs I Write." Isn't the main page the blog itself? And the posts within are not each called "blogs." They are posts... I guess this is more quirky template stuff, huh? Girl, find a new home for your blog!!!

Moving on-- When I finally got down to reading her posts, I really truly liked what I read. You all gotta give this women props! She is raising three teenage children (who all seem to be wonderful by the way) and she's got a sense of humor to boot.

I found one sentence that sums up what this gal is all about. You can find it in this post, but if you're too lazy to click over, here it is:

I’d find the key to unlock the closed minds of people who think for some reason, I’m not entitled to all the rights they take for granted and enjoy and continue to allow me to be denied those rights.

This gal's a fighter, people. She is a great mother, a great friend, and a great person. She's also a great lesbian who is looking for a great woman to spend her life with. You go girl!

Read her blog. I think you'll agree that she's all that and a bag of chips. *snap*

What is the first thing I would change about this blog? She needs to solicit the help of her children (they always know way TOO much about computers, don't they?) and find a new home for this blog. It will take some work, but in my opinion, is worth it.

What is the best feature of this blog? Her honesty, and willingness to "put it all out there" for us mere strangers to read.

Rating: 9 (I'm blaming the template and design issues on the crappy platform you're using, and so thats not your fault.)


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Blogger Hahn at Home says...

What a nice way to wake up on a Monday. Thanks!

And, even though the platform sucks, I do get the flexibility of multiple pages and figured out how to add an archives link on the sidebar "Archives & Greatest Hits" - still can't get rid of the archive at the bottom. I hear you though, the platform sucks - and if I ever get out from under the laundry, I'll find an alternative!

8/20/2007 10:20 AM  

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