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Saturday, February 17, 2007
I want a little sugar in my bowl
"I want a little sugar in my bowl...."

"Pooouuur some sugah on meee!"
C'mon everyone, sing with me! You know you are thinking of the Def Leopard song... well, if you aren't then you'll at least have that song in your head for the rest of the day.

Actually, the first thought that popped into my head when I got this blog title in my "box-O-reviews" was my younger days of eating heavily sugared cereals. But that wasn't enough for me. I would actually add MORE spoonfuls of sugar to them so that it would all collect in the bottom of the bowl. When the cereal was gone I could scoop up a spoonful of milk and sugar and just eat it straight. What the hell was I thinking? Moving on....

First Impression: The template is awesome and now I have a secret crush on the raven-haired beauty gracing the header. Seriously, my first thoughts were "Awesome template and the chic is hot". But I'm not gay or anything... I just know how to appreciate hot, animated chics. You should too.... they don't get enough credit.

Template: As I stated, it's great. Simple as that. I have no complaints on the general look and layout. But, what kind of review would this be if I didn't complain, just a little. So, on with the nitpicking. The main page is too long. We are talking, standing in line with number 452 in your hand and yet they are only on number 10, long. Yeah, that's a bitch. The archives are in the sidebar organized by your typical month and year so why are all the posts on the first page? I don't know either. Then there is the sidebar.... It has the basic criteria I look for which is a brief description of the blogger, location and psuedo name or real name. See, I like to know a little about who I'm reading so those are things I like to see but it's also long, just like the body. It's somewhat cluttered but it's organized fairly well despite that fact. In my humble opinion, however, I think that the "recent sweetness" (recent posts) and the "sugar shack" (archives) need to be moved up and the "shameless sugar" and "show some sugar" should be below those. Just a thought.

Content: I'm not sure what to say about the content. I can't really say anything bad about it, but I can't rave about it either. It's just simple, sweet and prosaic. Wait a second! There is a post in there about giving away a free vibrator! WHA!? Holy crap! There is more in the sidebar about huge discounts on sex toys! For the love of God sign me up! So in between the children's accomplishments, upcoming birth of baby #3 and loving her amazing husband, she is selling off her dildo inventory. Yeah baby, yeah! I'm feelin' randy already! I'm thinking "Dildo's and Diapers" would be a great subtitle option but I'm sure she won't go for that. This isn't meant to be a negative connotation either... what woman doesn't love a good vibrator! And I happen to love the word "dildo". While I'm sure she would prefer people call them sex toys and all, I find a profound satisfaction in saying "dildo". I should start counting the number of times I have written "dildo" in this post. (5 times)

In Summation: Love the template, just shorten it up a bit. The content won't drive me away but it's not a blog I will be checking every single day because it's not that profound or exciting. But, if you want the hook-up for good vibrators, she's your girl! Well, for a limited time only, of course, she is closing the doors on the world of vibrators soon! HA! Not only are ya'll going to have the word dildo stuck in your head now but you'll be singing "Pour some sugar on me" by Def Leopard with visions of dildos dancing thru your heads! Awesome! Admit it, dildo is a great word.

Rating 7 out of 10

P.S - My best wishes to you and your family on the birth of your little girl. I assume she is either just born or will be any day now. Good luck and happy mothering!


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