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Friday, February 9, 2007
Speak Into The Mike
"Give a man a microphone and he thinks he needs to be heard."

That's what "Speak Into The Mike" has for his tagline. It's catchy.
The "MikeStand" describes himself as :
boy - dad - gadget geek - macintosh user - apple iSheep - obsessive -
seemingly disorganized

OK, I can totally see that. Let's move on, shall we?

Template: White background, white header, white, white, white. Blogger's standard template to the core. Black font, except for his header, which is dark blue. Hmmmm.... I'm ready for a nap. My dearest Mike, go right now to Google, and do a search for "free blogger templates" and find yourself something with some spark. Hell, even us Bratz dolls, superstar wannabes were able to muster up enough brain cells to find something besides the boring Blogger templates. And did I mention they are FREE? No need to spending any money on something like a blog thats just for fun anyways. FREE, FREE, FREE! (Sorry, I get excited about bargains!)

Since its a standard Blogger template, it goes without saying that its pretty clean. Clean as a damn sheet, my friends! Opens easily, not a lot of shit on his page to slow it down. Twelve posts on the front page might be a little much. I'd snip it down to 5, or maybe less, since your posts are pretty long. Not saying its a bad thing, but I'll deal with that later on.

Content: First of all, he likes him some whiskey. Maybe thats why he doesn't seem to post very much? I looked back through his archives and saw several months with only a small handful of posts. He did do the NaBloPoMo thing in November, which in my opinion, just got people to sit down and force themselves to write something every day, whether it was good or not. Pfft! Who needs that?

Throw in a few posts about his kids (cute, cute, cute!), his better half--Lovely Wife (didn't see any pics of her, so I can't vouch for her cuteness), and there's some humor that crops up every so often. I saw the tagline "Give a man a microphone..." and I expected more humor than what he has in there. Maybe this blog is just for him to speak about whatever the hell pops into his head??? If thats the case, he's hit the nail on the head. He talks about everything from some girl falling down a staircase, to his kids and wife being sick, to the ATM machine at his bank, to the whole Donner vs. Donder scandal. But all in all, isn't that what blogs are supposed to be? Somewhat of a personal diary so to speak?

Clutter: None whatsoever. Just the vast expanse of whiteness, remember? A couple badges, his "Scotch Watch" (like I said, he loves his alcohol, huh?), Archives, a good list of Dads Who Write and Moms Who Write, and a longer list of "Other People" he "Can't Get Enough Of." Normally, I tell people to roll that shit up, but this page is so bland and color-less, you might as well just leave it there.

Would I Return? Don't go out and get some wild flashy template, but maybe try finding something that more indicates who you are. You can keep the same header picture, because thats pretty good. Hell, even go into your template and change the colors from there, keeping the layout the way it is.

So, back to the original question... Would I Return? Maybe. He had some interesting stuff, and it's a blog I could maybe see adding to my blogroll, but as far as taking my time to click on it everyday and see if he's posted anything, probably not. Not that its a bad blog, just maybe not what I would normally read.

Rating: 4 out of 10


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Wow, he already fixed the colors!

I would love to see you "revisit" blogs after they've made some of the suggestions you made with an updated rating to see if you agreed with them or not!

2/12/2007 4:21 PM  
Blogger Whisky says...

Yup, looks like he took it on the chin bless him :)

I lurve that idea of revisits!!

WTG Gals!!!




2/14/2007 3:43 AM  

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