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Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Jaded Sunburns

Jaded Sunburns

She has been around awhile. I have seen her blog numerous times on blogrolls and often wondered why she seemed so popular. I read her blog a few times in the past and was never hooked.

Template - She has that cool feature on her blog that allows you to choose the template in which you want to view. I like that. Her templates are pretty cool but some are less appealing than others, but not because of functionality or insulting color schemes. It's more just a personal preference. So, score one for templates.

Content - In all fairness, no I didn't just read one or two posts and then write this review. Remember, I said I have read her blog before. I wasn't impressed then and I'm not impressed now. I read several of her posts to see if anything has changed, and it hasn't. They are not awful by any means. They just lack umph. She writes pure though. Truth. Reality. No fluff. In retrospect, that's admirable. She isn't trying to be someone she isn't. I will never knock someone for that. So, even though her content is bland I can understand why she may have loyal readers. I just won't be one of them. See, while writing from your heart is sweet and all it's boring. I don't like being bored. I like being entertained.

In Summation - This review pretty much mirrors the blog... boring, bland and blasè. But I still have a hard time knocking someone who is real and pure like she is. We have said it a million times... and I'll say it again... not my cup of tea.

Rating 6 out of 10 - More for template than content and for being true.


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