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Monday, June 4, 2007
The Freelance Cynic

Blog Being Reviewed: The Freelance Cynic
Reviewed By: Sexy Simone

At First Glance: "Gray skies are going to clear up, put on a happy face" I won't bore you with my singing, just like I don't think this blog should bore us with his gray and depressing template.

Template/Design: That song just about covered it all, but considering I'm under strict orders to be all I can be, I must trudge through this. Besides the unbelievably gray template, you also see advertisements - right when you enter on the page! I couldn't tell if it were a blog or an e-book at first. But alas, it is a blog which means I have to review it :( See, I'm already depressed and I haven't read one damn word.

Content: Let me start with the obvious. Pay per post posts are so passe'. Lose them, or chances are you will lose your readers. As I have said time and time again - get another blog for that! Haven't we ever heard of the phrase "Don't mix business with pleasure"???? Well, heed that advice. Now, when he gets to the subject that I noticed that he most talked about - his wedding - his posts are clever, and even witty. One actually made me LOL. That is hard to do. I particularly love the post regarding the gorgeous loan advisor. But even going back a few months I found some great posts... although it took me awhile to figure out SHE was a HE! I figured the post "I'm going away with my boyfriend" was from a girl, and then I saw a few things that made me say Wow - she is kind of manly - THEN it hit me! He's gay - whew, I thought I was going crazy for a little while, lol. As I figured that out, things were making more and more sense, and the silliness ensued. Ok, not ensued exactly, but it made reading more enjoyable.

What is the first thing I would change about this blog? Must I say it again?? THE TEMPLATE!!

What is the best feature of this blog? When not inundated with the PPP posts, I totally enjoyed the regular chit chat about his life. Funny little excerpts that made me giggle. Yes, I said giggle - don't make me hit you!

Rating: 6


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Ah man I love my template! :) Thanks for giving me my frist honest review at least.

6/05/2007 12:45 AM  

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